On 11th October Priti Patel, the MP for Witham and UK Home Secretary, visited Auva Certification Ltd in Little Braxted to help the firm celebrate its being awarded a certificate of accreditation from the UK Accreditation Service, UKAS for ISO 17021-1:2015, which is a major success for the company. Priti formally presented Graham O’Geran, Business Development Officer for Auva with the certificate of accreditation, at a special ceremony held at the company’s offices in her Witham constituency. She also presented several of Auva Certification’s client companies with their ISO certificates.

Commenting after the presentation, Priti said: “I am always delighted to see a local business in my constituency doing well and this is a major achievement for Auva Certification, which can now offer local and international businesses three of the world’s leading ISO standards. It was a particular pleasure for me to present them with the official certificate from UKAS which confirms their accreditation and I congratulate them on their success.

“For quite some time, I have been passing the message back to Westminster that Witham and Essex have a great many successful and growing businesses and making the case for improved infrastructure to support their success. Auva’s achievements add grist to the mill. I’m pleased to say that the Government is listening and progress is being made to achieve the improvements we need, particularly in regard to the A12 and A120 upgrades.”

Graham O’Geran, Business Development Manager for Auva Certification Ltd said: “It was the icing on the cake to have Priti Patel here today to formally present us with our accreditation certificate and we are most grateful to her for sparing the time from her busy schedule. This is a proud day for the company and we will be using it as a springboard for further successes in the future.”