As many of us currently have more spare time than usual on our hands, why don’t you use just five minutes of it to see how much you can save on your ISO certification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001)?
There are many reasons to transfer your certification, but right now most businesses could do with saving money, and most of us have 5 minutes to spare.
Simply visit click on the blue “GET A QUOTE” tab and answer a small number of simple questions. Auva will quickly send you a quote for you to see how much you can save.
The process is so simple, you will not risk your existing certification, and it is likely you will save around £250 to £400 per audit day plus, so if you are being audited three or four days per year you are likely to save over £1000 per year, or £3000 over the three year cycle.
Please see the short presentation attached and some frequently asked questions below.
How much does it cost to transfer?
It is free of charge.
When do Auva invoice?
We invoice shortly before the audit is due, so for example if you have just had your audit, we would still transfer you and issue your new UKAS accredited certificates, but we wouldn’t invoice until next year four to six weeks before we are due to visit.
Do you charge expenses?
Not in the UK or Ireland.
Do you charge a management fee or annual fee?
What is your typical day rate?
£700 to £750 but we will lower that if you are not saving enough to make it worth your while to transfer.
Do you have an annual fee increase?
No when we quote we set our price for three years.
How long does the transfer take?
We should get our quote out within 24 hours, we then may require some additional information, but once we have that information we should be able to transfer you the same day.
Will our existing certification provider find out that we are considering transferring?
Certainly not from us.
Do many people transfer?
We transfer a good number of clients each week, more clients should as often they are paying over the top for a poor service.
Do you transfer any size company?
Yes of course, we give the same high level of customer service to the smallest of companies as we do our bigger clients.
Are your auditors friendly?
This is a very important factor for us when we recruit new auditors, they must fit in with our usual dynamics, if we don’t feel we can enjoy working with the auditors we won’t use them.
If your fees are cheaper, does that affect the level of support from head office?
Absolutely not, friendly head office support and service is essential, we are sure you will find our head office support better than what you are used to.
Is your name and logo as widely accepted and recognised as the larger certification bodies?
Accepted absolutely, the logos most customers want to see are UKAS and the IAF, our certificates display both of these. It should be noted that for product certification and certain special sectors you may need to go for a specialist certification body, but this is not common.
Do you offer webinars?
Very occasionally we do these, because in all honesty from the feedback we have received most people find them rather uninformative, but most of our competitors webinars are open to the public anyway.
Can we meet with you before we transfer and after?
We encourage clients to visit our office and we are always happy to call by your facility for a meeting.
Does Auva have an environmental policy?
Yes, we pride ourselves on this and am sure we are doing more than any of our competitors.  Please see
How are you able to be cheaper than your competitors?
We can not say for sure that we are the cheapest, however compared to the larger certification bodies we certainly are. This is for a number of reasons, but the main advantage we have are lower overheads. We do not have lots of levels of management, we are not part of a large corporation, our systems are extremely efficient, so we are able to run our business very efficiently.
Do you use overseas call centres or staff?
No, however we do use local auditors in other countries for example in the USA.
Do you use sub contract auditors?
Yes we do for some jobs, this may be because of their technical expertise or they have a good rapport with the client, etc.
Are your fees cheaper because of the quality of your auditors?
Absolutely not, a number of our contract auditors actually work for other larger certification bodies as well, we obviously need to pay them their usual day rate, but the difference is we don’t make such large profits from our clients, we have lower overheads and are not paying large dividends to stockholders.
Spend a little time to save a lot of money.
For more information please email