There are many different places where you can get ISO 9001 Certification and you need to choose carefully as all are not the same.

There are two key avenues to first choose from; Accreditation or Non-Accredited.

Accredited ISO Certification is when you use a Certification Body who are accredited to deliver the service by an accreditation body who are listed on the IAF website.  These accreditation bodies are all signed up to a multilateral agreement, follow the same rules and accept each others accreditation.

Certification Bodies who are accredited by those Bodies are therefore deemed accredited.  Auva Certification is one of these.

In the UK, UKAS are the Accreditation Body who have signed up to the agreement and can be found on the IAF Website to demonstrate this.

In order to find a Certification Body who are accredited by UKAS, you can visit the UKAS Website and see a full list.  You will find Auva Certification on here along with our competitors.

Each Certification Body on that list is the same so you can technically select any that you wish, we all follow the same rules and provide the same type of certificate.  Not all Certification Bodies can provide the same standards and may not be approved for your certain business so it’s best to check with your Certification Body themselves.

If your ISO Certificate has a logo displayed from the Accreditation Body (such as the UKAS Logo) then your certificate is accredited by one of the accreditation bodies.

It is recommended that you get a few prices to compare, some of the larger Certification Bodies will be at the higher end of the price range whilst the smaller size will generally be more competitive.  The delivery of the certification audit will all technically be the same.

Non-accredited Certification Bodies are basically the opposite of this, they would not be accredited by one of the Accreditation Bodies found on the IAF website.  The rules to which they follow may not be the same so the delivery of the service may be vastly different.

Many organisations out there will not use businesses who do not have an ISO Certificate such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or ISO 45001 that has not been given by an Accredited Certification Body.  It’s important to decide whether you need to have an accredited certificate or not as you could be spending money on something that is not suitable for your business.  Another consideration is what you are trying to achieve from Certification when making your decision.

If you have any specific questions or would like to talk through options that suit your business needs you can drop us a message.