Suppliers are an asset to the success of any business but are often thought of as an outsider, someone not to focus on and are there to service you.  I am not talking about electricity or utility suppliers, or the suppliers who send you office supplies, I am talking about those that have an impact on your service or delivery.

If their impact to your own business is high then you need to consider these suppliers as part of your team and not an outside resource.  Some suppliers could be your face to the outside world just like our contractors are.  They are the face that the client sees who has come to assess their management system, if we do not instill the right philosophies within the auditors mind they are not truly representing our business.

One thing we like to do is treat our contractors/suppliers like employees, we welcome them into the business, invest into their education and wellbeing and ensure that they are equipped to go out and represent our business.


Building relationships with your suppliers is important to your success, you need to know and understand each others needs and wants in order to have a successful relationship.  Treat your suppliers like an employee and get to know the people and what makes them do what they do, what are their own philosophies and principles and what are they trying to achieve as a business.

Have regular meetings with your key suppliers, in some cases you could even go to dinner or drinks to get to know them on a personal level.  By understanding the person you can understand what they need from the relationship.

Relationships are not finite and are not the same for everyone, we all have our unique wants and desires so don’t paint every supplier with the same brush.  Your suppliers will be looking at building a relationship with you just as much as you want to with them.  They want to understand what you need as success to them is a happy customer, you need to understand what they need from you to make their job easier.

Only this week I was with a client who has removed some of their own customers, they told them they don’t want to do business with them any longer as they were constantly changing dates, giving unclear instructions and generally trying to take profit away from them.  It’s a bold move but they can now focus on their main customers who they have a great working relationship with and appreciate the effort each other go to.

We recently received some wonderful feedback from one of our contract auditors, it put a smile on our faces to know that we are making them feel part of the team:

“‘Thank you’.
In a time when I was struggling you offered me an opportunity to work with you.
At a time when some clients and consultants are unhappy, you are offering them a better service and continuity if they choose.
Where others used my maternity leave against me you have welcomed me.
Working for Auva is like coming home at last and I very much appreciate it.
Money has never driven my decisions regarding who I work for rather being proud to represent who I work for based on my experience as an auditor and client feedback about the company I am representing.”

If you would like to learn more about our philosophies and principles you can read our vision statement.