This month, we would like to turn our Auva Registered Consultant (ARC) spotlight on Assent Risk Management.

Assent Risk Management

Assent are ISO consultants who help clients achieve UKAS accredited ISO certification through consultancy, project management, training and other services. Operating from its London Campus, London City and Cardiff Gate locations; Assent has consultants based across the UK with a diverse range of skills and experience, supported by their delivery team.

Assent joined ARC when it launched in April last year but have actually worked with the team members at Auva for many years. They have been with us throughout our journey to become a UKAS accredited certification body and are welcoming new scopes being added to our certifications all the time.

When we asked Robert Clements, MD at Assent about how his operations have evolved to remote auditing during the pandemic he said: “Overall, we believe the move to remote auditing has been a positive one.  Many of the standards we work with can easily be evidenced through screen sharing or sampling of electronic records. Conducting audits online has reduced the travel time and carbon footprint for everyone, while auditees can join the meeting from wherever they are – meaning it’s easy to get answers to audit questions. There are some standards where an on-site visit is still the most effective means of assurance such as Aspects & Impacts of ISO 14001, so in the future, even post Covid-19, there will be a hybrid approach of remote auditing and on-site visits spread across the three-year cycle depending on the complexity of the management system.”

Assent champions British and International standards for environmental sustainability, health & safety, quality management and business improvement, information security and cyber security.

If you would like to contact Robert and his experienced team, please visit our Auva Registered Consultant register here