In the month that we celebrate the achievements of women, we are delighted to turn our ARC spotlight on SQE Assurance Ltd, founded by Diane Rainsford and Jayne Proud.

SQE Assurance

SQE Assurance is first and foremost a quality, environmental and health and safety consultancy specialising in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, but it’s their innovative digitisation of services that continues to bring real business improvements to their clients.

SQE Assurance has been working with Auva for a number of years and share the ambition to utilise the latest technology to do things better. With the rise in demand for online solutions, Diane and Jayne realised a way for clients to better manage their legal requirements and demonstrate compliance in their management systems. This led to them combining their skills and experience as ISO consultants with SharePoint designer, Sarita BS to pioneer the launch of BlueBox Logic

Diane explained: We have now taken the principle of our online library of legal information and added to it our bespoke web application, Legitab, which makes the management of legal and other requirements a simple task for our clients. Unlike other online products, this application is installed directly to our clients SharePoint system. One common issue faced by our clients is if they use a product that’s in the ‘cloud’ and the hosting company decide to make changes to its services, it really affects them. Our solution ensures that the app is the property of the company so they will always maintain their data and processes.

 Similarly, if the client needs to cut costs and looks at reducing their subscriptions to revert to an in-house solution, they need to be careful that once a subscription is cancelled, they don’t lose all their data and the poor old manager has to start again! As BlueBox Logic is installed on their SharePoint system, they don’t have to worry about losing data.

 When their legal library is complete, they can plan and complete evaluations of compliance and set actions where gaps are identified and view their overall performance on an easy-to-understand dashboard.

SQE Assurance work with businesses across the UK offering hands on support, practical guidance and specialist advice.

SQE Assurance

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