We are delighted to welcome Agar Bowles to the ARC network! Agar Bowles is a newly formed ISO consultancy, founded by Lauren Agar and Zoe Bowles, focused on supporting SME’s and sole traders with their ISO certification requirements and delivering excellent customer service.

Agar Bowles

   Lauren Agar

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Zoe Bowles

Zoe said “Micro-businesses, which have between 0-9 employees, account for 96% of the businesses in the UK! We understand how difficult and challenging running a small business can be. We hope our knowledge and technical expertise will support small businesses and show them how effective investing in systems and processes can be whatever their size.”

Agar Bowles predominantly work in the construction and manufacturing sectors and can deliver ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 27001.

“The industry is exciting at the moment, with remote and blended audits becoming common place and likely to stay. It is opening small business owners to the flexibility to achieving the standards and being able to continue to run their business,” said Zoe.

Agar Bowles work with businesses across the UK helping companies implement and maintain management systems, with hands on support and advice.

“We love to build partnerships within the industry, both with other consultancies and with certification bodies. It’s great to be part of a trusted network and be able to confidently advise our clients with the advice that is right for them. We are great believers that the right consultant is better than any consultant. If we can’t help someone, we want to know we can refer them to someone who can!”

If you would like to contact Zoe or Lauren at Agar Bowles, please visit our ARC register here


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