1-30 JUNE 2022 OFFER: Free Stage 1 audits to ISO 14001 EMS.

More and more businesses are realising their environmental obligation to improve their environmental credentials, implement sustainable business processes and lower their carbon footprint. Environmental credibility when choosing suppliers and awarding contracts, is becoming a very important factor in national and international competitiveness. With ISO 14001 certification, this is your chance to get ahead.

Following COP26 and the implementation of The Environment Act, which became law in the UK in 2021, we have seen a surge in companies making big strides to improve their environmental processes, announce Environmental Social Governance (ESG) policy and set net zero targets. In many sectors, especially construction, manufacturing and retail, organisations have a legal duty to ensure the business activities they undertake have a minimal impact on their surroundings and wider environment.

Lower risk

You can lower the risk of prosecution by environmental agencies by identifying the environmental laws, legislation, acts and regulations that your business falls under. This is called a Legal Register. Being certified to ISO 14001 will help ensure you comply. It proves your business is focused on its environmental impacts and legal compliance, and the environmental management system aims to reduce the risk of environmental incidents and legal breaches.

Michael Venner, CEO at Auva Certification commented: “From the latest ISO survey, there was a 11.40% increase in ISO 14001 certifications issued by accredited certification bodies in 2020 when compared to 2019. It will be interesting to see if the upwards trend continues into 2021, with 2020 being very much in limbo due to Covid-19 restrictions. We will find out when the next ISO survey is published later in the year. At Auva, we saw a 200% increase in ISO 14001 certificates issued in 2021 compared to 2020 and continue to see much more interest in the standard.”

As well as ensuring environmental compliance, there are many more benefits to achieving ISO 14001 certification:

  • Demonstrate to your customers and suppliers that you care about the environment
  • Create a business with environmental focus which may attract new talent to the business who want to work for ethical organisations
  • Stand out from your competitors and demonstrate that you do things differently as an organisation
  • Potentially identify cost savings through waste reduction and energy efficiencies
  • Improve the supply chain with a focus on their environmental impacts
  • Promote your business and products through environmental benefits
  • Cut environmental related costs thereby helping you to increase profits as well as opening up more business opportunities.

Remember, ISO 14001 EMS certification is applicable to all businesses, large and small, and every sector.

Practice what we preach

At Auva, not only do we provide an excellent service for ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, but we also pride ourselves on going further than our competitors when it comes to our own environmental impact.

From our inception, Auva has been focused on reducing its impact on the environment and we have many initiatives in place which you can read about on our Environmental Commitment Page. We are Carbon Neutral Certified (the only CB to our knowledge to have achieved this), a business partner with Co2nstruct Zero, have a solar and water powered office, choose electric cars and are involved in carbon offsetting initiatives.

Our auditors are also highly versed in environmental legislation, we have our own in-house experts and use software to ensure that our legislation knowledge is continuously up to date so we can better advise our clients.

If you would like more information about ISO 14001, our June offer, or just to chat throughout your ISO certification options, please contact us by calling 01376 386110 or email info@auvacertification.com