CertCheck, launched by UKAS, provides a database of over 300,000 management system certifications issued worldwide by UKAS accredited certification bodies. It is a free to use resource for anybody to validate a claim of UKAS accredited certification.

Auva Certification is a UKAS accredited certification body, and our certification file is searchable in the database. This is a mandatory and contractual requirement for all UKAS accredited organisations. It works by allowing users to verify that a claim of holding UKAS accredited certification is valid. This is done by searching for the certificate number or registered trading name of the certified organisation. This will result in the details of the certification held being displayed; including the scope of certification, date issued, locations covered and the awarding Certification Body.


Prior to the launch of CertCheck, procurers wishing to verify a supplier’s claims of UKAS accredited certification had to go through a two-stage process; firstly, to confirm the authenticity and validity of the certification with the issuing certification body, then separately check with UKAS that the certification body is accredited for that particular activity.  By automating and combining the certification and accreditation verification stages into one comprehensive yet straightforward online service, UKAS CertCheck brings speed, clarity and confidence to the accredited certification vetting process.

For complete transparency for our clients, we also have a Certificate Status Validator on our website www.auvacertification.com which can verify and validate Auva Certification certificates. Many certification bodies make this a difficult task and can often take days to respond! We are not like other certification bodies and make it as easy as possible, so you can get instant results.

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