During the past three months, Auva has seen a definite increase in the number of transfers and transfer of ISO certification enquiries from organisations currently with other certification bodies. There is no doubt that this has been one of the most difficult operating periods for all businesses – including for certification bodies. However, this does not have to mean a reduction in service and care for customers.

Value for money

While costs have been a motivator for many organisations to consider transferring their certification, we have found that the most common reason is firmly based within the value for money the clients feel they are receiving. Many clients who have transferred to us, would not have done so if they had felt that their needs were being met, that their incumbent CB was working for them and not against them. We have noted that certification costs have actually risen for many organisations while customer service levels have decreased. We have heard stories of limited availability of audit dates, the need to send more than one auditor to cover the standards held by the company, administration fees and expenses charged even when the audits have been remote as well as a lack of communication and lack of flexibility.

100% retention rate

We have had transfers where we were not the cheapest or the least number of days for audit, but because we took the time to deal directly with those companies, answering their queries and demonstrating that we operate in a very different way. Our core value as an organisation is ‘Going Further’ for our clients. While many may be sceptical of our commitment to this, the facts speak for themselves! We have a 100% retention rate. As I said very recently to an organisation interested in transferring (who ultimately have), we are more than happy for you to speak to any of our client companies for a referral and to check that we deliver as promised. The senior management team at Auva Certification have all come from operational businesses. We are very clear in what we know companies need from the certification body.

A professional and competent service, combined with ease of communication, flexibility, a problem solving attitude and a smile. It’s not a magic formula – it’s just how business should be conducted!

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