Unveiling the Mysteries of AS9120 Certification: All You Need to Know


Introduction Strict quality standards are paramount in the aerospace, defence, and aviation industries. One essential certification is AS9120, which ensures the highest level of quality management for distributors of aerospace and defence components. Suppose you're new to AS9120 certification or looking to enhance your knowledge. In that case, this blog post will provide a [...]

Unveiling the Mysteries of AS9120 Certification: All You Need to Know2024-06-18T13:05:59+01:00

Compliance Corner-Addressing Non-conformance


Compliance Corner: Answering Non-Conformances Receiving non-conformances during your ISO assessments is common and not necessarily negative. Instead, view them as opportunities to improve your system. Non-conformances do not mean losing your certificate or that your system is poor; they simply indicate areas needing attention. Your Auva Lead Auditor will provide an audit findings report [...]

Compliance Corner-Addressing Non-conformance2024-06-11T22:11:21+01:00

Counterfeit Materials


As reported by The New York Times and Yahoo Finance earlier this week, the FAA is currently investigating suspected counterfeit materials in various aircraft, involving multiple manufacturers. AS9100 mandates that organisations test raw materials. Organisations often challenge this requirement, arguing that they receive materials from reputable stockists, distributors, or directly from mills and that [...]

Counterfeit Materials2024-06-18T13:05:15+01:00

AS9102 Revision C: Noteworthy Changes and Implications


The aerospace industry has long been acquainted with the significance of First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR), which are essential for ensuring product quality and compliance. However, many organisations might not be aware that the FAIR Standard, AS9102, underwent a revision from Revision B to Revision C in July 2023. This transition has brought about [...]

AS9102 Revision C: Noteworthy Changes and Implications2024-06-11T22:05:29+01:00

Navigating change in AS9104


The aerospace industry is constantly evolving, and along with that comes an evolution of the Aerospace Certification Scheme. Unlike most standards, the AS9100, AS9120 and AS9110 standards update regularly and more frequently the Accreditation standard that Certification Bodies work to. Auva is accredited to AS9104, which permits us to perform the Aerospace Scheme audits, and this [...]

Navigating change in AS91042024-06-13T21:50:58+01:00



The IAQG OASIS System is a crucial component of the Aerospace Certification Schemes, such as AS9100 and AS9120. It is extensively utilised by individuals involved in the aerospace industry on a nearly daily basis. Periodically, the system undergoes development and transitions. The present time marks one such transition. Over the past few years, the [...]

IAQG OASIS Freeze2024-06-11T22:03:46+01:00

Auva Aerospace brand is launched!


Since our aerospace accreditation success, we wanted to develop a new corporate image that was consistent with our Auva brand but was specific to our aerospace certification services. A brand is not just a logo but your business personality and should be easily recognised by your business network. We developed a number of designs and [...]

Auva Aerospace brand is launched!2023-04-11T08:31:46+01:00

Benefits of the OASIS Database


The Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) is a database managed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) that provides several benefits to organisations in the aerospace and defence industry. Upon successful certification to AS9100 or AS9120, organisations will be entered into the database by Auva.  It is a mandatory requirement of the scheme [...]

Benefits of the OASIS Database2023-03-06T10:23:08+00:00

Benefits of achieving AS9100 certification


AS9100 is a quality management standard specifically designed for the aerospace industry. It is an international standard recognised by major aerospace companies and organisations worldwide, including NASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)  and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Obtaining AS9100 certification demonstrates a commitment to quality and safety within the aerospace industry and [...]

Benefits of achieving AS9100 certification2023-02-27T04:38:16+00:00

Material testing in the aerospace sector


Material testing in the aerospace sector is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety and reliability of aircraft. The aerospace industry is constantly pushing the boundaries of materials technology, using new and advanced materials to create lighter, stronger, and more fuel-efficient aircraft. However, these materials must undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they can [...]

Material testing in the aerospace sector2023-02-01T05:07:34+00:00
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