ISO 45001:2023 – what it is(n’t)


There is no need to rush out and purchase a copy of ISO 45001:2023, as whilst it does exist, there are NO changes to the content, clauses or requirements of the standard compared with ISO 45001:2018. So, it begs the question, why does it even exist at all? The reason is relatively simple and ultimately [...]

ISO 45001:2023 – what it is(n’t)2024-05-03T07:47:34+01:00

Climate Neutral Certified reassessment success


We have successfully completed our Climate Neutral recertification process. We are very proud to still be the only Certification Body to achieve this, which makes it even more special! On a number of occasions, we have been asked: What is the difference between climate neutral and carbon neutral? Climate neutral is the same concept as carbon neutral; however, it [...]

Climate Neutral Certified reassessment success2024-05-03T07:28:39+01:00

Staying ahead of the flames


As auditors, it is very important we maintain our CPD by reviewing Fire regulations regularly and the fact sheets provided by Fire Safety (England). In October 2019, the Grenfell Tower Inquiry published the findings of Phase1 of the inquiry. The findings included many important recommendations to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again. The [...]

Staying ahead of the flames2024-05-03T04:36:33+01:00

Auva is heading to the Hillhead Show 2024!


LOCATION: Hillhead Quarry, Buxton UK STAND: PA31 in the Showground Pavilion DATE: 25th -27th June 2024 We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Hillhead Show in Buxton from the 25th – 27th June 2024. This is the UK’s largest exhibition for the quarrying, construction and recycling industries. It has [...]

Auva is heading to the Hillhead Show 2024!2024-04-28T10:15:56+01:00

AS9102 Revision C: Noteworthy Changes and Implications


The aerospace industry has long been acquainted with the significance of First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR), which are essential for ensuring product quality and compliance. However, many organisations might not be aware that the FAIR Standard, AS9102, underwent a revision from Revision B to Revision C in July 2023. This transition has brought about [...]

AS9102 Revision C: Noteworthy Changes and Implications2024-04-23T16:17:17+01:00

Andrew Dines appointed Operations Coordinator


We are pleased to officially welcome Andrew Dines to the Auva team! Andrew joins us in the role of Operations Coordinator. Clients and auditors will regularly hear from Andrew as he will be scheduling audits, issuing certificates and generally liaising with you. Hopefully his grammar will be spot on as he recently graduated with [...]

Andrew Dines appointed Operations Coordinator2024-05-03T07:30:23+01:00

Climate Change Amendment to Management Systems


The ISO and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) announced the publication of additional Climate Change Amendments last month, which apply to existing and new ISO Management Systems, emphasising ISO’s commitment to climate action. The amendment, which includes ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 27001, is simple but aligns with the increased global concern around [...]

Climate Change Amendment to Management Systems2024-05-03T03:41:54+01:00

Alan Gould joins Auva as Business Development Officer


In February, we welcomed Alan to the team. Many of you will recognise Alan from previous job roles he’s had in the industry over the years. Our connection with Alan actually spans over two decades, dating back to his school days! Here’s a little bit about his career journey straight from the horse’s mouth! [...]

Alan Gould joins Auva as Business Development Officer2024-04-23T14:25:53+01:00

Simplifying our web address to


We are thrilled to have been successful in finally securing the domain name When Auva was established the domain was not available, in August this year it became available in an auction, after a nerve racking few hours we were successful in our bidding. We are now changing our marketing materials, website, emails, [...]

Simplifying our web address to www.auva.com2024-02-16T03:33:17+00:00

Workplace Wellness – ISO 45001 and mental health


Martin Graham explores how ISO 45001 goes beyond physical safety in its scope but also recognises that a healthy workplace extends to mental health considerations. ‘Health and safety’ for a lot of people, can conjure up visions of copious amounts of PPE, paperwork, training and checklists. Whilst there are elements of truth to this, the [...]

Workplace Wellness – ISO 45001 and mental health2024-02-09T07:52:57+00:00
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