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Compliance Corner-Addressing Non-conformance


Compliance Corner: Answering Non-Conformances Receiving non-conformances during your ISO assessments is common and not necessarily negative. Instead, view them as opportunities to improve your system. Non-conformances do not mean losing your certificate or that your system is poor; they simply indicate areas needing attention. Your Auva Lead Auditor will provide an audit findings report [...]

Compliance Corner-Addressing Non-conformance2024-06-11T22:11:21+01:00

ISO 45001:2023 – what it is(n’t)


There is no need to rush out and purchase a copy of ISO 45001:2023, as whilst it does exist, there are NO changes to the content, clauses or requirements of the standard compared with ISO 45001:2018. So, it begs the question, why does it even exist at all? The reason is relatively simple and [...]

ISO 45001:2023 – what it is(n’t)2024-06-13T21:37:21+01:00

Staying ahead of the flames


As auditors, it is very important we maintain our CPD by reviewing Fire regulations regularly and the fact sheets provided by Fire Safety (England). In October 2019, the Grenfell Tower Inquiry published the findings of Phase1 of the inquiry. The findings included many important recommendations to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again. The [...]

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Workplace Wellness – ISO 45001 and mental health


Martin Graham explores how ISO 45001 goes beyond physical safety in its scope but also recognises that a healthy workplace extends to mental health considerations. ‘Health and safety’ for a lot of people, can conjure up visions of copious amounts of PPE, paperwork, training and checklists. Whilst there are elements of truth to this, [...]

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Majority of workplace fatal injuries from agriculture, construction and waste sectors


Annual statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of ‘Workplace fatal injuries in Great Britain 2021’, were published on 7 July 2021. The report provides headline numbers on workplace fatal injuries resulting from a work- related accident that were reported to enforcing authorities in 2020/21. It includes both fatal injuries to workers [...]

Majority of workplace fatal injuries from agriculture, construction and waste sectors2021-07-22T06:16:25+01:00

Auva Certification features in IOSH magazine


We are delighted to have been featured in IOSH magazine online and newsletter! Paula Brady, chief operations officer at Auva Certification NI/ROI, has recently written an article titled ‘ISO Certification in a Covid Climate’ discussing whether the pandemic has prompted better methods for auditing management systems. The article appeared online on 30th April and [...]

Auva Certification features in IOSH magazine2021-05-18T05:55:05+01:00

Protect your people now and in the post pandemic future with ISO 45001


Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, employers have had to face huge challenges and one that has been magnified is managing risk in the workplace. With some staff working from home, and others in key worker roles still in the workplace, employers have had to manage health and safety risks both on and off site, as [...]

Protect your people now and in the post pandemic future with ISO 450012021-03-04T06:44:36+00:00

Risk based thinking – What is it?


Risk based thinking seeks to ensure that preventive actions are embedded within your operations and management system. It is a systematic and proactive approach to determining, assessing and addressing risk. It should not be a separate component of your management system, rather applied at every stage and by everyone. It enables your organisation to [...]

Risk based thinking – What is it?2020-11-24T19:39:03+00:00

How to Choose an ISO Consultant


Many organisations will choose an iso consultant to help implement and maintain an ISO Management System such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.  They will do this for a number of reasons but mostly because it's quicker and cheaper in the long run than trying to educate yourself internally. Choosing an iso consultant can [...]

How to Choose an ISO Consultant2020-06-30T11:22:12+01:00

Auva announces ‘Covid-19 Independent Review’ to support businesses


As many organisations across the UK return to work, business owners have a duty under legislation to adhere to the ‘Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)’ government guidelines published on 11 May 2020 and updated on 29 May 2020. Our ‘Covid-19 Independent Review’ offers businesses an independent review and verification of their compliance to the [...]

Auva announces ‘Covid-19 Independent Review’ to support businesses2020-06-19T11:17:52+01:00
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