When do I get a visit from Auva?


You will see us when the previous provider was due to perform their next assessment.  We do not change the audit cycle from what you currently have, we simply turn up instead of your previous provider.

When do I get a visit from Auva?2022-05-30T14:56:56+01:00

Are there any hidden costs?


None at all, we are very open and transparent and what we quote is what you pay.  There are no hidden expenses or certificate costs and we do not charge an annual management fee unlike some of our competitors.

Are there any hidden costs?2022-05-30T14:56:15+01:00

Do I need to change my logos?


Unfortunately you will need to change your logos at some point, this can be a gradual and managed process if you have printed documents with the previous provider displayed.  Our assessors will review this during the assessments.

Do I need to change my logos?2022-05-30T14:55:38+01:00

How do you process the transfer?


It's easy, after you sign the quotation we issue an email to your current provider requesting the last three years reports and certificates.  We then perform a desktop review of all the information; verify the reports, review any findings and the certificate. Once that is complete, we will issue you with a replacement certificate [...]

How do you process the transfer?2022-05-30T14:54:56+01:00

Can I change ISO Certification Body at any time?


Yes, you are not required to hold your certification with any provider for any period of time.  You can even change between a stage 1 and stage 2 assessment if you wish.  You can change it at any time of the process or time of year. The only advice we would give is to [...]

Can I change ISO Certification Body at any time?2022-05-30T14:54:14+01:00

How long does transferring ISO Certification Take?


The process from start to finish is typically performed in less than a week.  We are somewhat at the mercy of the previous certification body as we need to wait for them to respond to our request but this is often a matter of days.

How long does transferring ISO Certification Take?2022-05-30T14:53:29+01:00

What information do you need to transfer?


We need the last three years worth of assessment reports and your current certificates.  You do not need to provide these though, we request them from the current certification body and they are required to send to us.  There is a little more information we also need but these are just questions that the [...]

What information do you need to transfer?2022-05-30T14:52:49+01:00

Will I get a new auditor?


This all depends on your current auditor.  If they are employed full time with the current certification body then the chances are you will lose them.  If they are contracted then if they are not already an Auva auditor then we can almost certainly use them if they wish to work for us also. [...]

Will I get a new auditor?2022-05-30T14:52:05+01:00

How many certificates do Auva transfer?


We have successfully transferred hundreds of certificates over the years, its a major part of our new business and we are pretty slick at the process now.

How many certificates do Auva transfer?2022-05-30T14:51:14+01:00
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