On receipt of the Audit Report and, where applicable, corrective actions, the certification body will undertake a review to ensure that all the correct procedures have been followed, whether the recommendation of the Audit Team Leader is sound, and whether corrective actions have been appropriately addressed and evidenced.

This process can sometimes take several weeks – particularly if there are queries about the completeness of the assessment and corrective actions.  Auva does have an objective to get these all done within 14 days at the latest. The person undertaking the review may also require additional evidence to be provided to ensure that the system meets the requirements of the specified standards.  In exceptional circumstances, this could include an additional visit.

On completion of a satisfactory review the recommendation to certificate will be confirmed by the certification body and the appropriate certificate will be issued.

Auva will provide appropriate information relating to, and update the auditee on: all decisions made regarding the granting, refusing, maintaining, renewing, suspending or restoring of certification and expanding or reducing the scope of certification.