The number of ISO Audits will depend on what stage you are at with your certification.

All new certifications require a stage 1 (an initial visit to review your management system and understand how prepared you are for certification) this is then followed by a stage 2 (this is a full audit of your management system and processes and results in a recommendation for or against certification).

Once certification has been granted (a three year period), you then begin a surveillance visit cycle – the first surveillance  ISO Audit will typically be around 10 months from your stage 2, with the second surveillance typically 12 months from the first surveillance.

Certifications are valid for three years and there will be a reassessment visit required prior to expiry. Some clients may wish to split the surveillance visits throughout the year – e.g. six monthly, we can discuss that with you.

If there are changes to your organisation throughout the cycle – e.g. you wish to add an activity to your scope, this may require a stand alone ‘special’ visit.

If you would like to know more information then you can drop us a message.