The duration will typically be the same, and as with any audit you, or relevant workers, will need to be available at all times as required. In this sense it is similar to an onsite audit – we will plan times to speak to relevant people so as to minimise disruption.
The audit itself will take a very similar format to an onsite visit – consisting of interview of personnel and review of documents. There may also be use of video  ‘streaming’ as necessary. The obvious main difference is that we won’t be in the room with you – all other key aspects e.g. timings, findings, reporting, opening/closing meetings and audit criteria remain the same.
The remote audit utilises mutually convenient ICT (Information and communications technology) such as Skype, Teams, Zoom, whatsApp, Google Meet and of course email / phone calls. We will communicate with you to establish the most suitable platform for all parties.
As a remote audit relies on technology, your auditor will confirm with you certain details and suitability prior to agreeing a remote audit – e.g. which ICT will be used, connectivity and familiarity with the process.
Screen share platforms are effective and minimise data transfer, however any information that is shared will be managed in accordance with data protection policies.