9 times out of 10, if there are any issues with an audit recommendation made by an auditor, the client will not know about it.  The issue will be resolved behind the scenes without the client being made away and is usually a conversation or a report update between the person making the certification decision (giving the final yes) and the auditor.  In very rare cases, the auditor may need to contact the client for clarification or additional audit evidence.

If certification is refused, for whatever reason, the auditee will be advised in writing of the reasons and given the opportunity to respond.

Refusal to grant, continue or renew certification may be for a number of reasons. These reasons shall be clearly and fully explained by Auva to the auditee in writing (typically via email) and the auditee will be asked to acknowledge the notification.

If the auditee is unhappy with the decision and or explanations given, then the complaints / appeals process should be followed.