A re-assessment of the entire management system is generally required every three years.  The time needed for re-assessment will depend on how many assessment days have been carried out during the assessment cycle, the level of control over the system demonstrated throughout the cycle, the number of sites visited etc. Generally, a re-assessment will require approximately two-thirds of the audit days undertaken for the initial assessment.  However, if the surveillance audits have been carried out in excess of the guidance number of days, and if compliance with the standard has been good, a shorter review will be carried out. In other cases, the number of days could be equal to the initial assessment. Depending on past performance over the audit cycle it may be necessary to apply a stage 1 and stage 2 assessment.

Reassessment Audit Objectives

  • Determination of the extent of conformity of the Clients management system and evaluation of the capability of the management system to ensure compliance with statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements.  Evaluation of the effectiveness of the management system in meeting its specified objectives and the identification of areas of potential improvement of the management system.

Reassessment Audit Criteria

  • To evaluate the continued fulfilment of all requirements of the management system standard and shall include a review of the effectiveness of the management system in its entirety in the light of internal and external changes and its continued relevance and applicability to the scope of certification.  An evaluation of the commitment to maintain the effectiveness and improvement of the management system in order to enhance overall performance and whether the operation of the certified management system contributes to the achievement of the client’s policy and objectives.