We will always require someone from the organisation to be available during the ISO audit and for the opening / closing meetings.
There does not necessarily need to be a dedicated ‘system manager’, or someone sitting with us the entire time, however we will need to have a suitable resource available to act as a guide and who can direct us to the relevant auditees / departments and chaperone during site tours.
As there is now a more defined requirement associated with ‘leadership and commitment’ we will require interaction with ‘top management’ at some point during the ISO audit. Top management is defined as the ‘person or group of people who directs and controls an organisation’. We will allocate time to spend time with top management as part of the audit planning process.
For ISO 45001 audits, we are required to interview –
1) The management with legal responsibility for occupational health and safety;
2) Employees ‘ representative(s) with responsibility for occupational health and safety
3) Personnel responsible for monitoring employees’ health.
These personnel above (1-3) are also required at the closing meeting of ISO 45001 audits.
If you have any specific questions you can drop us a message.