This is probably one of the biggest issues we find when assessing organisations use of the logos.  Instructions are given to every client upon certification but organisations do not apply the rules correctly.

In simple terms, the UKAS logo is the Royal Crown and the Royal Crown can not appear on any vehicles apart from the Royal Mail Vehicles.

What we find is that organisations will send the logos off to the printers and they will either not send the guidance document (How to use our logos) or the printer does not read the document, they then produce the logos and put them on the Vehicles.

When we come and perform our assessment we notice that you are using the incorrect logo and we raise a non-conformance and you then have to take them off which is costing you more money (need to get other logos printed), more time (you need someone to take them all off), and you wasted the money getting them printed in the first place.

We provide you with vehicle logos which you are free to plaster all over your vehicles as much as you want, these will show the standard you are certified to and also reference to Auva so they can verify your approval.  Please ensure you apply the logos correctly as we don’t like making people remove them all after they have spent time and money applying them.  If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us.