Audit Stages

What is a Certification Review / Technical Review?


A Certification Review / Technical Review is a process that all ISO assessments have to go through in order to have their certification granted, renewed or amended. Whenever an assessment takes place, the auditor will only make a recommendation for or against certification, they do not have the final decision, the final decision is [...]

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Is Remote Auditing an Option?


In order to maintain business continuity as much as possible for us and our clients, during the Covid-19 virus outbreak, Auva is offering remote auditing as an option for clients. Each audit will need to be reviewed on a case by case basis and we will be happy to discuss this further with you. Going [...]

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How Many ISO Audits will I Receive and When?


The number of ISO Audits will depend on what stage you are at with your certification. All new certifications require a stage 1 (an initial visit to review your management system and understand how prepared you are for certification) this is then followed by a stage 2 (this is a full audit of your management [...]

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What is a Stage 1 ISO Audit?


A Stage 1 assessment is almost like a pre-assessment or sometimes called a gap analysis.  The idea of the stage 1 assessment is to review your current status to see if you are ready for the main assessment, it also helps the auditor prepare for the stage 2 main assessment in case they need [...]

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What is a Stage 2 ISO Audit?


The stage 2 ISO audit is your main assessment that will give you certification (assuming you pass). Stage 2 Audit objectives Determination of the extent of conformity of the Clients management system and evaluation of the capability of the management system to ensure compliance with statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements. Evaluation of the effectiveness of [...]

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Can you Fail a Stage 1 Assessment?


You can never really fail any of the assessment stages, you can however need another visit to perform again (worst case scenario) or have to fix some errors (non-conformances). Generally, during a stage 1 assessment you will have some errors than need to be corrected but if these are small fixes then we will just [...]

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How much time do you need to leave between a stage 1 and stage 2 assessment?


There is no rule for this and it will depend on a lot of things such as your experience, the complexity of the system, the non-conformance situation, availability of personnel and auditors and the maturity of the system. Some organisations will have the stage 1 and stage 2 within a week of each other, this [...]

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Why is my 1st Surveillance Assessment after 9 months not 12?


The certificate you receive will have a 36 month (3 year) expiration, we are not allowed to issue a new certificate after the 3 years until the reassessment has been performed and any non-conformances closed off.  We therefore put your first surveillance visit after 9-10 months instead of 12 to give you some protection, your [...]

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What is a Pre-audit/Gap Analysis?


The pre-audit/Gap Analysis is optional. It will be no longer than half the duration of the initial audit. It will be carried out in the same way as an initial audit, and provides practice for the Auditee being audited. The objective is to find any major areas of weakness or aspects of the standards which [...]

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What is a Surveillance Assessment?


The objective of a surveillance audit is for us to assure ourselves that you are continuing to work to a system which complies with the standards to which you are certificated, and that you take timely corrective action to correct nonconformities. During surveillance, we may find nonconformities. As before, you need to propose corrective action. [...]

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