What Audit Findings can be Raised?


There are four main audit findings that can be raised during an audit. A stage 1 may raise 'potential non conformances' - these are areas that will require review and action prior to the stage 2 and that could prevent a recommendation for certification. At stage 2, surveillance and reassessments there could be a [...]

What Audit Findings can be Raised?2023-03-25T19:50:59+00:00

How Many Non-conformances can I have before I Fail the Audit?


The short answer is there is no magic number.  Auditors will keep going to complete the audit unless the audit has to be aborted due to you not having anything in place which to be honest doesn't happen since they introduced the Stage 1 and Stage 2 requirement.  A client may request that we stop [...]

How Many Non-conformances can I have before I Fail the Audit?2020-04-16T09:58:09+01:00

What do I do if I have Non-conformances?


For any nonconformity there will be a proposed corrective action to remedy any defects in either products or processes.  All corrective actions must be cleared to the satisfaction of the Audit Team Leader or a nominated representative before certification is granted or continued. The nonconformities will be numbered and listed in the audit report [...]

What do I do if I have Non-conformances?2023-03-25T19:52:28+00:00
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