As a team of operational planners, trainers and ISO consultants, we spent years looking for an affordable, easy-to-use operational management system – one that would breathe life into the documents, business processes and policies our clients had worked so hard on.

So, in 2019 we decided to develop our own application suite to help health and safety professionals, project planners, operational managers and resource co-ordinators. Tabulator makes an intelligent and automated link between the static management system and real life. So, to create a checklist for a vehicle, open the app, do the checklist and submit. Tabulator takes care of automatically alerting your maintenance team of issues, updating the health and safety department that the checklist has been done and then allowing you to get on with the next task. Once items have been created in the system, workflows take over to ensure they are routed to the right person / group and that they are visible throughout their lifecycle, until successfully completed. No more manual chasing – everything can be highlighted at the individual, department, site or any other level.

The Tabulator web app is now employed across operational teams in the UK and Ireland, utilising secure cloud-based storage and used 24×7 on any mobile device

Geographical Coverage

UK and Ireland

Industry Specialities

Rail, construction, engineering and manufacturing


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Special Skills and Qualifications

Specialising in easy-to-use and adopt, cloud-based applications that drive your business processes automatically, reducing manual intervention and freeing up time for more value-add activities