ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 Consultant – Expert

Remote (e – support) ISO External Specialist
Providing professional support to many businesses remotely – from conception to ISO certification & ongoing support in a simple & practical way.

Reduced project time / Lower costs / Reduced meeting times / Engage people no matter where they are / Focused / Efficient / Greater flexibility / Minimal business disruption / Reduced carbon footprint / Choice of communication: Phone, Video conferencing, etc

Different from the competition
Simple & practical approach / probably the most experienced & qualified consultant / 100% success rate.

Centrally based in the Midlands UK, providing professional remote support nationally or internationally to businesses with ease. Keeping overheads to a minimum supported by a modular low-cost support to your business.

Improvement Projects
Many, many improvement projects resulting in numerous large £ savings for businesses.

Industry Experience + 30 years, small to large PLCs
Automotive / Aerospace / Manufacturing / Foundry / Plastics / Chemical / Service / Food / Software / Construction / Wind Farm / Electrical / Electronics / Telephone Communications / Utilities / Oil & Gas / Recruitment / Retail / Logistics

Qualifications Summary
7 year business apprenticeship / Professional qualifications: Mechanical Engineering, Management Systems, Health & Safety, General Management / Master of Science Degree & PhD Degree.

I do hope that you will be interested in gaining from the potential benefits of improving & look forward to your continued interest by ‘Improving your business without massive investment’.

‘With our track record / experience / commitment you are always in good hands’.
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Industry Specialities

Industry Experience
Automotive / Aerospace / Manufacturing / Foundry / Plastics / Chemical / Service / Food / Software / Construction / Wind Farm / Electrical / Electronics / Telephone Communications / Utilities / Oil & Gas / Recruitment / Logistics / Retail.

Quality Management Responsibilities
Design, development & implementation of TS 16949, (QS9000), ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Management Systems. Experience in: chemical, engineering, fabrication, service, process and automotive industries ranging from small batch to mass production. Experience of Japanese quality philosophy and systems from Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and Mazda. Reduction of customer lead-times by implementing improvement projects. Develop & implement Key Process Indicators (KPIs) & develop targets for improvements. Provide formal training & support to management & employees in quality techniques. Practical experience and implementation of: Design & Process FMEAs / Process Capability studies / Control Plans / Statistical Process Control / Production Part Approval Process / Quality Techniques: Brainstorming, Pareto Analysis, Tally Charts, Cause and Effect.

Health & Safety Responsibilities
Ensuring the business complies with all current legislation and any new legislation. Training of all existing and new employees in all related legislation. Conduct detailed risk assessments and audit areas of concern & implement improvements. Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) for all materials used, where there are associated risks seek alternative. Write and implement operational health and safety procedures, link into the ISO 9001 system.

Environmental Responsibilities
Ensure the business conforms to ISO 14001 & all related environmental legislation. Implement procedures to reduce waste and improve efficiency. Develop employees in the benefits of working within the environmental legislation to improve overall efficiency within the processes. Link all relevant environmental procedures to the ISO 9001 system. Liaise with the Environmental Agency, with regards to audits to comply with necessary legislation and regulations.

General Management Responsibilities
Active management team member to support the business in a range of activities. Provide technical and engineering support to marketing, sales, production and distribution. Customer presentations to support initial sales to company. Value engineer products, cost reduction projects implemented, together with product design standards and rationalisation, product research into stress analysis.


PO Box 1600
Waterfront Business Park
Dudley, West Midlands



+447791 256 808



ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, IAFT 16949

Special Skills and Qualifications

International publications include:

Development of a Web-based Tool to Sustain Continuous Improvement and Productivity in a Manufacturing Environment – A Case Study Approach. Scientific Journal of Management Science and Engineering, 2014, Vol 3, Issue 4.

Enterprise Continuous Improvement Techniques – A Perceived Gap. Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing, FAIM2008, Skovde, Sweden.

Development of a Web-based Tool to Sustain Continuous Improvement and Productivity in Manufacturing Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs). IEEE International Conference on Adaptive Science and Technology, 2012, Kumasi, Ghana.

Analysis of Internet Process Tool for Continuous Improvement and Productivity in a Manufacturing Environment. Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing, FAIM2014, San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Continuous Improvement Tools to Improve Productivity in Manufacturing SMEs. Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing, FAIM2010, Oakland, California, USA.

Manufacturing Process Improvement: Perceived Barriers from Adoption of Good Practice by SMEs. Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing, FAIM2009, Teesside.

Leasowes High School
1971 – 1976 CSE’s: English, Math’s, Technical Drawing, Metalwork, Woodwork, General Science and History

Halesowen College of Further Education
1977 – 1978 Engineering Industry Training Board (EITB)
1978 – 1980 City and Guilds Mechanical Engineering (3 Distinctions)

Dudley College of Technology
1980 – 1981 City and Guilds Organisational Studies (3 Credits)
1981 – 1982 National Examinations Board for Supervisory Studies (NEBSS)

International Correspondence School
1984 – 1985 Industrial Management Diploma

Rapid Results College
1987 – 1988 Institute of Industrial Managers

University of Central England
1987 – 1988 Institute of Quality Assurance

Telford Management Services
1998 ISO 9001, 1994 Lead Auditors Course

Open University
1990 Manufacturing, Materials and Design
1991 Implementation of New Technologies
1993 Quality Methods
1995 Quality Management
1997 Enterprise and the Environment
1998 Integrated Health, Safety and the Environment
1998 Post Graduate Diploma
2001 MSc Degree in Manufacturing Management and Technology

Neville-Clark International
2001 ISO 9001, 2000 Lead Auditors Course

Excel International
2002 TS16949 (QS9000) Lead Auditors Course

Smallpeice Enterprises Ltd
2003 Leadership & Team working Skills

University of Wolverhampton
2006 – 2016 Part time PhD (whilst still working full-time)
Development of a four stage continuous improvement framework to support business performance in manufacturing SMEs.
Improvement on ISO 9001, TQM, Kaizen & Continuous Improvement.

Industry Forum
2013 ISO/TS 16949 Auditors Process Based Auditing Course

British Retail Consortium
2015 Food Storage & Distribution

2015 ISO 9001:2015 Transition Training Course

2016 Problem Root Cause Analysis

2017 ISO 14001:2015 Transition

Industry Forum
2018 IATF 16949 Auditors Course
2018 IATF 16949 Core Tools Course

2019 ISO 45001 Migration & Auditor Migration Training Course