“I think I have this field around me that makes electronics work bad. It’s not like an entropy thing; it happens very quickly.”

Unfortunately the electronics sector within the UK is not as prolific as it used to be due to low cost country manufacturing but there still remains a strong core of businesses, mostly focused on high technology areas.  Electronics organisations specialising in medical, aerospace and automotive are still in hot demand and in order for them to stay competitive, they need to work smarter.

Having ISO Certification in place is one of the driving elements to help electronics companies to stand out from the competition and the different standards have their own unique benefits.

Some of the Benefits to Electronics businesses Include:

  • 800,000+ direct jobs

  • £78bn annual turnover

  • 95%+ of the sectors 6,000 businesses are SMEs

  • UK Electronics is the world’s fifth largest in terms of production

  • 14 of the world’s top 20 semiconductor companies have established design and/or manufacturing sites in the UK

  • In semiconductors, almost 80% of the activity comes from foreign direct investment

If your organisation is in the Electronics sector having ISO Certification can help you navigate the complexities of the ever changing world and to ensure the products you are providing meet customer needs.

Benefits of ISO Certification for Electronics Organisations:

  • Compete in the high tech markets such as aerospace, automotive and medical

  • Drive efficiencies within your process through advancing technologies

  • Reduced lead times

  • Just in time supply and consignment stock management

  • Legal compliance relating to WEEE and RoHS

  • Higher quality and customer satisfaction

  • Compliance with industry and regulatory requirements

  • Greater efficiencies within your organisation

In 2015, the core ISO standards all aligned and now follow Annex SL which sets out a high level clause structure for all standards to follow.  This makes it easier to integrate different management systems into one core set of policies and procedures, reducing documentation and allowing for multiple standards to be assessed at the same time.

ISO 9001 for the Electronics Sector

Electronic manufacturing has changed a lot over the years, not only are products getting smaller and smarter but the method in which they are being manufactured is advancing.

It is rare that we see an organisation performing manual soldering operations, they are all done by Pick and Place machines and using soldering paste and ovens.  The working environment is very clean and the components are so small you can hardly see them.

This type of advancement takes planning and strategic thinking, ISO 9001 is perfect for driving your electronics business forward and driving down costs to stay competitive.  ISO 9001 is also generally a minimum requirement for sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive and Medical.

Some of the benefits of ISO 9001 for Electronics organisations include:

  • Clearer strategic thinking

  • Driving technology uses to stay competitive

  • Efficiencies within your processes

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Greater employee engagement

  • Greater brand awareness and recognition

ISO 14001 in the Electronics Sector

Many years ago new legislation was brought in that changed the face of the electronics industry; WEEE and RoHS compliance.  Many organisations struggled to remain compliant with these requirements and gained benefit from introducing ISO 14001.

ISO 14001 will enable electronic companies to focus on the legislation applicable to their sector and give them peace of mind that the products they are sourcing are from ethical sources and are themselves meeting legislation.

Some of the benefits of ISO 14001 for Electronics organisations include:

  • Promotion of environmentally friendly products
  • Reduced costs relating to transportation

  • Reduced risk of legal breaches

  • Greater employee engagement

  • Greater brand awareness and recognition

ISO 45001 in the Electronics Sector

With many moving machines, chemicals and electric shock risks the electronics industry is potentially very dangerous for employees.  Knowing that the organisation you are working for is being independently verified for their health and safety practices can put your mind at ease.

Some of the chemicals in use within the industry are very dangerous and cause harm to health as well as the environment.  Solder fumes need to be adequately extracted to prevent harm

Some of the benefits of ISO 45001 for Electronics organisations include:

  • Reduced accidents and incidents

  • Reduced risk of prosecution

  • Less time off work from ill health

  • Improved controls over chemicals and gases

  • Greater employee engagement

  • Greater brand awareness and recognition

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