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Contractor Management on your Premises


Contractor Management Contractor Management is concerned with ensuring that when you hire a contractor to undertake work on your behalf, health and safety issues are properly managed in terms of how they affect the contractor’s employees as well as your own. Organizations have a responsibility for the welfare of all those people who do work [...]

Contractor Management on your Premises2020-02-16T19:24:51+00:00

Brexit: Auva Hosting Free Brexit Impact Workshop


AUVA Certification is to host a workshop on the impact of Brexit in the certification industry and businesses with UKAS in attendance. I am sure we will all agree that none of us knows exactly how Brexit will impact on businesses. I can not think of a sector that will not be impacted in one [...]

Brexit: Auva Hosting Free Brexit Impact Workshop2020-02-05T16:39:41+00:00

What is an ISO Certification Reassessment?


A lot of organisations are not clear on what is the purpose of an ISO Certification reassessment (sometimes referred to a recertification audit).  A reassessment will occur every 3 years and you will notice that the time required will be more than a surveillance visit for a number of reasons. To give you an insight [...]

What is an ISO Certification Reassessment?2020-02-09T12:57:37+00:00
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