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How to survive an ISO Assessment


An ISO assessment can be a difficult time for anyone, regardless of their experience. This article gives you an insight into what to expect on assessment day. Every day we deal with many customers going through an ISO assessment. Some customers pass their assessments with flying colours, while others struggle to make it over [...]

How to survive an ISO Assessment2022-05-30T07:59:57+01:00

Are there really fake ISO certificates?


Yes, and they can be convincing! That is why it’s really important you know how to check whether it is legit or not. International standards and ISO certification are known throughout the world and unfortunately, fraudulent and misleading activity is common – mainly because organisations see the value of it and think because of [...]

Are there really fake ISO certificates?2022-05-18T13:40:36+01:00

ISO certification systems drive efficiencies in your business


On the heels of the pandemic, where many industries were hit with crippling closures, resource issues and the increased costs of trying to keep their workforce safe, they are now faced with huge rises in energy costs, labour costs, materials costs and the uncertainties and devastation of a war within Europe. Energy costs across [...]

ISO certification systems drive efficiencies in your business2022-05-09T08:58:26+01:00
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