The IAQG OASIS System is a crucial component of the Aerospace Certification Schemes, such as AS9100 and AS9120. It is extensively utilised by individuals involved in the aerospace industry on a nearly daily basis.

Periodically, the system undergoes development and transitions. The present time marks one such transition. Over the past few years, the IAQG has diligently worked on enhancing the system and ensuring its readiness for the upcoming versions of the standards.

As with most software changes, there will be a period of downtime. However, this transition is not merely a software update but a comprehensive evolution, with the foundations being rebuilt from scratch.

Considering these factors, the current OASIS database will be frozen on June 30, 2023, and will become read-only. During this period, no new information can be entered into the database. Consequently, if you have ongoing audits that involve non-conformances, you will need to address them offline. Although you are still expected to adhere to the usual timelines for corrective action closure, you will need to respond via email and complete offline versions of the forms during the freeze period.

The transfer process is anticipated to take approximately three weeks. Once completed, you will be required to utilise the new OASIS system to upload any information and records. The current version will continue to serve as a read-only system.

If you do not have any active audits or audits scheduled for the initial weeks of July, no action is required on your part. However, if you have ongoing audits or audits planned for July, it is essential to ensure that you handle your reporting and corrective action responses offline during that period.

It may be beneficial to consult with your Lead Auditor to discuss specific arrangements and impacts for your upcoming or active audits.

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