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ISO 45001:2023 – what it is(n’t)


There is no need to rush out and purchase a copy of ISO 45001:2023, as whilst it does exist, there are NO changes to the content, clauses or requirements of the standard compared with ISO 45001:2018. So, it begs the question, why does it even exist at all? The reason is relatively simple and [...]

ISO 45001:2023 – what it is(n’t)2024-06-13T21:37:21+01:00

Climate Neutral Certified reassessment success


We have successfully completed our Climate Neutral recertification process. We are very proud to still be the only Certification Body to achieve this, which makes it even more special! On a number of occasions, we have been asked: What is the difference between climate neutral and carbon neutral? Climate neutral is the same concept as carbon neutral; however, it [...]

Climate Neutral Certified reassessment success2024-06-11T22:04:59+01:00

Staying ahead of the flames


As auditors, it is very important we maintain our CPD by reviewing Fire regulations regularly and the fact sheets provided by Fire Safety (England). In October 2019, the Grenfell Tower Inquiry published the findings of Phase1 of the inquiry. The findings included many important recommendations to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again. The [...]

Staying ahead of the flames2024-06-13T21:40:00+01:00
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