A tree is planted each time a client is certified!

From the inception of Auva Certification Limited, it was decided that every effort would be made to demonstrate that we believe in what we certify and conduct our business in a manner that always ensures a high quality of service, safety of those around us and taking care of our planet.

We are sure that many of our competitors make every effort to deliver the best level of service and ensure the safety of employees, associates and clients, however we are not so sure that our competitors do all that they can to protect the environment and reduce their carbon footprint.

One of the initiatives we have in place to lower our carbon footprint is to plant a tree each time we certify a client. We have carefully selected a partner to do this for us and they will issue an electronic certificate to our client to demonstrate this has taken place.

We were given the opportunity to occupy a newly constructed office that had been built to a high specification but more importantly with the environment in mind. The construction materials were selected to give a very low U-value, or thermal transmittance and in addition our heating is produced by a on site lake source heat pump, our electricity is predominantly (if not all) produced by on site solar panels, on site there are enough panels to produce 590 kWh. We obviously have strict disciplines in place on the use of paper, only printing what is essential, recycling the few ink cartridges we do use, and segregating our waste.  Our offices are located on a 680 acre working farm which provides a beautiful environment for us to work.

Our future is green

We were satisfied that we had radically reduced the environmental impact of our office functions, however our biggest impact no doubt comes from the travelling to and from our clients facilities, with this in mind we developed our scheduling system to prompt us to allocate all audits to the closest suitably qualified auditor available. This will reduce the number of miles we must travel each year. We have pledged that all company cars will be replaced over the next three years with hybrids and within five years fully electrical (EV’s). Before we book air travel we first decide if we can use a local auditor, for meetings we make every effort to hold conference calls rather than meeting in person, if we do need to book a flight we endeavour to use airlines that offer carbon offset programs and direct routes.

Our goal is to be the first certification body to be completely carbon neutral.