Facilities Management Firm Celebrates Three ISO Certifications!


Pioneer FM, a specialist in facilities management services and maintenance, has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certifications for quality, environmental and health and safety management systems following rigorous audits by Auva Certification. This achievement reflects its commitment to quality, environmental sustainability and health and safety, and verifies that each [...]

Facilities Management Firm Celebrates Three ISO Certifications!2021-08-23T09:14:24+01:00

Auva Certification celebrates World Accreditation Day 2021


Today, Auva joins organisations across the world to celebrate World Accreditation Day. Taking place on June 9 each year, it is a global initiative jointly established by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), to raise awareness of the importance of accreditation. Each year there is a different theme, [...]

Auva Certification celebrates World Accreditation Day 20212021-06-09T09:53:37+01:00

Auva Certification features in IOSH magazine and newsletter


We are delighted to have been featured in IOSH magazine online and newsletter! Paula Brady, chief operations officer at Auva Certification NI/ROI, has recently written an article titled ‘ISO Certification in a Covid Climate’ discussing whether the pandemic has prompted better methods for auditing management systems. The article appeared online on 30th April and [...]

Auva Certification features in IOSH magazine and newsletter2021-05-18T05:58:10+01:00

Auva Certification becomes Climate Neutral


We are delighted to have achieved our goal of being Climate Neutral. Our 2020 footprint figures are currently being verified and we have already offset our footprint with some exciting projects. From the inception of Auva, we wanted to be the first Certification Body to be Climate Neutral, and we believe we have achieved this, so we decided to have this [...]

Auva Certification becomes Climate Neutral2021-04-14T05:12:22+01:00

Military, avionic and industrial component stockist transfers to Auva


We are proud to announce that CVC Components, BSL Express Spares and FEL Avionics have successfully transferred their ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certification to Auva Certification! What an interesting group of companies to audit to this standard! All three companies are situated on a secure 40-acre site with 45000 sq ft purpose-built storage facilities. This is to house over 111 million obsolete, [...]

Military, avionic and industrial component stockist transfers to Auva2021-04-12T10:27:29+01:00

Auva Certification launches new mobile app for ISO consultants


New mobile app provides ISO consultants fast, accurate calculations for audit days Auva Certification has announced the launch of its new mobile app for the ISO industry. The app offers ISO consultants a way to provide its clients with fast and accurate estimates on the required number of certification audit days for ISO 9001: [...]

Auva Certification launches new mobile app for ISO consultants2021-03-29T08:54:26+01:00

Become an Auva Registered Consultant


Join our growing Auva Registered Consultant (ARC) network for ISO consultants We have created a free network for ISO consultants to connect with organisations that are looking for support in developing, implementing or maintaining a management system for international standards. Since its launch last year, we now have ISO experts from across the UK [...]

Become an Auva Registered Consultant2021-03-22T01:57:30+00:00

UKAS has changed its brand identity: How does it affect you?


The new logo and branding are represented in the UKAS website refresh here: www.ukas.com. It has been chosen to support the values and aims of UKAS as a world-leading, globally competitive Accreditation Body. As a UKAS accredited certification body, this means all our Auva / UKAS certified logos and your ISO certifications will need [...]

UKAS has changed its brand identity: How does it affect you?2021-01-25T01:09:20+00:00

Auva Certification is Buildsafe-NI approved


We are pleased to announce that following an assessment by a panel at the Construction and Procurement Delivery (CPD), Department of Finance (Northern Ireland), Auva Certification has satisfied requirements of the Buildsafe-NI initiative and Environmental Management Systems respectively for providing third-party health and safety and environmental management systems certification (Construction). Auva Certification has been [...]

Auva Certification is Buildsafe-NI approved2021-01-21T03:29:34+00:00

Auva JV with Paula Brady boosts Northern Ireland operations


Auva Certification is very excited to announce  a joint venture with Paula Brady in Northern  Ireland and the Republic. Paula is well known  to the Auva team and clients alike. Over the  last 15 years, Paula has regularly worked with  members of Auva’s management team when  they worked at other certification bodies, so we  [...]

Auva JV with Paula Brady boosts Northern Ireland operations2020-11-23T15:05:34+00:00
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