Transfer of certification

If you are already certified by an accredited certification body and your certification is valid, the transfer of certification process is easy and free of charge. Auva Certification will endeavour to keep to any certification schedule you have in place and it is completed efficiently without disruption to your business. For all organisations that are looking to transfer their certification and concurrently migrate to revised standards please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Gap analysis

If you are considering certification but are not sure if your management system is ready or compliant, we would be pleased to offer a quotation to perform a gap analysis of your management system. This will determine your preparedness for assessment and highlight potential short falls, which could result in overall cost saving and a smoother route to certification. A gap analysis is not a pass or fail, we simply issue you with a report of our findings and this does not impact the results of your future certification assessment.

Ready to talk?

We have a dedicated team that can help advise you on your path to certification