Verify and Validate Auva Certificates

Did you know that there are many ISO certificates out there which are no longer valid?  When you look at a certificate and it is displaying a valid date it does not mean that they are valid, the Certification Body may suspend or withdraw the certificate but the hard copy still exists.  The only way to truly know if an ISO Certificate is valid is to contact the Certification Body and ask them to verify its existence,  it is a mandatory requirement for them to do this as under their accreditation.

Many Certification Bodies make this a difficult task and can often take days to respond to any requests, Auva buck the trend and make it really quick and simple for any organisation to verify any certificate directly on our website.  You do not need to send emails or pick up the phone, our website generates instant results.

If you would like to verify the status of any Auva Certificate please use the search function below.  The table gives a simple status against the certificate number as certified, suspended or withdrawn.  If you would like any further information on any of the certificates please contact Auva or complete the contact form detailing the information required and the certificate number in question.

Simply enter the company name or a certificate number as displayed on the ISO Certificate to get instant results.

Certificate NumberCompany NameTrading NameStandardCertification StatusSite StructureScheme Name
1001PinnacleISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1002PinnacleISO 14001:2015Withdrawn
1003PinnacleISO 45001:2018Withdrawn
1004Diehl & Lee FarmsISO 9001:2015Active
1005Frank DiehlISO 9001:2015Active
1006Tomatoes of RuskinISO 9001:2015Active
1007TOR FarmsISO 9001:2015Active
1008Johnson Harvesting IncISO 9001:2015Active
1009Treeair CattleISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1010Gary James Partners limitedISO 9001:2015Active
1011Gary James Partners limitedISO 14001:2015Active
1012Gary James Partners limitedISO 45001:2018Active
1013Ceetech LtdISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1014Alpine Tools LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1015Taylor Technology Systems LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
1016Capital Property Maintenance LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1017Capital Property Maintenance LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1018John Burke Associates LtdJohn Burke AssociatesISO 9001:2015ActiveMultisite
1019John Burke Associates LtdJohn Burke AssociatesISO 14001:2015ActiveMultisite
1020The Window Company (Contracts) LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1021The Window Company (Contracts) LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1022Gemcor Automation LLCISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1023R&J Metal FinishingISO 9001:2015Active
1024Karob Instrument IncISO 9001:2015Active
1025Halsall Electrical ISO 9001:2015Active
1026Halsall Mechanical LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1027Consolidated Insulation Services LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1028Consolidated Insulation Services LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1029Consolidated Insulation Services LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1030AQ Construction Services LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1031Brownell Ltd ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1032ATS InteriorsISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1033ATS InteriorsISO 14001:2015Withdrawn
1034ATS InteriorsISO 45001:2018Withdrawn
1035Ceetech LtdISO 14001:2015Withdrawn
1036Ceetech LtdISO 45001:2018Withdrawn
1037Fleetwood Tool & GageISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1038Galvotech (International) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1039Metal Colours LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1040Waterford Plating Company LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1041Plunkett Associates Limited and Adept Precision LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1042Colt Construction LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1043Colt Construction LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1044Colt Construction LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1045The Window Company (Contracts) LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1046Almic Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1047Life Racing LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1048Howells Patent Glazing LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1049Inline Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1050Blade Traffic Management LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1051Blade Traffic Management LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1052AG Instruments LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1053Thermal Sensors LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
1054A & J ARB Access LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1055A & J ARB Access LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1056John Bean TechnologiesISO 9001:2015Active
1057ClairairISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1058Autonnic Research LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1059Nixon Industrial Diamonds LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1060Star Precision Tools LtdISO 9001:2015Active
10613D Scantech LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1062Cintel Structural Consultants LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1063Cintel Structural Consultants LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1064Power Services LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1065Power Services LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1066Rathborne & Roche LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1067Spindle ServicesISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1068Trailer Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1069GPD Welding Developments Ltd.ISO 9001:2015Active
1070Mealey Group LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1071Axiom Projects LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1072Axiom Projects LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1073Axiom Projects LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1074BSF Solid Surfaces LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1075Red 100 LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1076JN Piling LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1077JN Piling LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1081Watson Engineering (Bham) LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1082Alterior Limited T/A Hulbert ImagingISO 9001:2015Active
1083Dorwingear LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1084Saras ProcessISO 9001:2015Active
1085Ptech UK LtdISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1086Midland Commercial Environmental Services LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1087PF Ahern (London) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1088PF Ahern (London) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1089PF Ahern (London) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1090P & K McKaigue LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1091P & K McKaigue LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1092McAllister Bros. LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1093McAllister Bros. LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1094McAllister Bros. LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1095EE Management LimitedISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1096EE Management LimitedISO 14001:2015Withdrawn
1097EE Management LimitedISO 45001:2018Withdrawn
1098Grove Construction (London) Ltd.

ISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1099Poynton ValvesISO 9001:2015Active
1100KWI Grinding LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1101The London Pressed Hinge Co LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1102Mayglothling Waste LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1103Mayglothling Waste LimitedISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1104Mayglothling Waste LimitedISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1105CR Reynolds LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1106CR Reynolds LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1107CR Reynolds LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1108Inner City Environmental LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1109Inner City Environmental LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1110Inner City Environmental LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1111Midland Commercial Environmental Services LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1112Solutionist Consultancy LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1113Kind & Company (Builders) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1114Power Services LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1115AJ Springs and PressingsISO 9001:2015Active
1116EVA Metals LtdISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1117Flow Components and Industrial SupplyISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1118Kiverco LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1119O'Neill of Clonoe LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1120O'Neill of Clonoe LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1121O'Neill of Clonoe LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1122CCNI Ltd t/a Campbell CivilsISO 9001:2015Active
1123CCNI Ltd t/a Campbell CivilsISO 14001:2015Active
1124CCNI Ltd t/a Campbell CivilsISO 45001:2018Active
1137Midlands Components Ltd incorporating Midlands Special Fasteners LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1138JN Piling LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1139Blade Roofing LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1140Blade Roofing LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1141Blade Roofing LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1142Bann LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1143Bann LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1144Bann LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1145PF Lynch Environmental Services LtdISO 9001:2015Suspended
1146McGurran Civils LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1147McGurran Civils LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1148McGurran Civils LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1149Derryleckagh Contracts LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1150Derryleckagh Contracts LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1151Derryleckagh Contracts LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1152MJ McBride Construction LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1153MJ McBride Construction LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1154MJ McBride Construction LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1155Instruments To Industry LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1156Flowfix LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1157Canavan Joinery Services LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1158Canavan Joinery Services LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1159Goodband Polishing LtdISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1160Downwell Enabling LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1161Downwell Enabling LimitedISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1162Metloc Systems LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1163Kind & Company (Builders) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1164Kind & Company (Builders) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1165Go Communications Systems LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1166Go Communications Systems LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1167Go Communications Systems LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1168CVC Components LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1169FEL Avionics LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1170BSL Express Spares LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1171Premier Print and Promotions LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1172Premier Print and Promotions LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1173Paul Anton LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1174Paul Anton LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1175Paul Anton LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1176Conrad Energy LtdISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1177Conrad Energy LtdISO 14001:2015Withdrawn
1178Conrad Energy LtdISO 45001:2018Withdrawn
1179Ambar Systems LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1180Fastener Connections LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1181Mechan LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1182Mechan LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1183Mechan LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1184Loughshore Plumbing & Electrical LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1185Loughshore Plumbing & Electrical LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1186Loughshore Plumbing & Electrical LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1187BPJ Fitout LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1188BPJ Fitout LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1189BPJ Fitout LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1190Amble Electrical Distributors Services LtdISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1191Belfast City Council-Fleet ManagementISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1192Belfast City Council-Fleet ManagementISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1193Belfast City Council-Fleet ManagementISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1194Meridian Utilities LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1195Meridian Utilities LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1196Meridian Utilities LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1197Industrial Maintenance Engineers LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1198Industrial Maintenance Engineers LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1199Industrial Maintenance Engineers LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1200On-Track Technicians LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1201On-Track Technicians LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1202On-Track Technicians LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1203Trinity Cables International LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1204In2 Design Partnership LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1205In2 Design Partnership LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1206In2 Design Partnership LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1207Oakleaf Forestry LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1208Oakleaf Forestry LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1209Oakleaf Forestry LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1210Global Radiodata Communications LtdGRCISO 9001:2015Active
1211Xcalibre Equipment LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1212Xcalibre Equipment LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1213Thanos MedicalISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1214Thurrock Engineering Supplies LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1215IPR Environmental LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1216IPR Environmental LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1217IPR Environmental LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1218Screenspares Direct LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1219Screenspares Direct LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1220A Squared Machine & ToolISO 9001:2015Active
1221Flowfix LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1222David Stagg & Associates LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1223David Stagg & Associates LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1224M&M Steel Fabrications LtdM&M Environmental SolutionsISO 9001:2015Active
1225M&M Steel Fabrications LtdM&M Environmental SolutionsISO 14001:2015Active
1226M&M Steel Fabrications LtdM&M Environmental SolutionsISO 45001:2018Active
1227FM Environmental LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1228FM Environmental LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1229FM Environmental LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1230Road Tanker Spares International LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1231160B Consulting LtdISO 9001:2015SuspendedSingle Site
1232B-Safe Health & Safety Services LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1233Direct Construction & Tunnelling Supplies Limited Incorporating Direct Welding and Site SuppliesISO 9001:2015Active
1234Direct Construction & Tunnelling Supplies Limited Incorporating Direct Welding and Site SuppliesISO 14001:2015Active
1235Direct Construction & Tunnelling Supplies Limited Incorporating Direct Welding and Site SuppliesISO 45001:2018Active
1236Salt and Sadler LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1237Maurice Flynn & Sons LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1238Maurice Flynn & Sons LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1239Maurice Flynn & Sons LtdISO 45001:2018 & SSIPActiveSingle SiteOccupational Health and Safety Management System scheme
1240Eugene Duffy Construction LtdISO 9001:2015SuspendedSingle Site
1241Eugene Duffy Construction LtdISO 14001:2015SuspendedSingle Site
1242Eugene Duffy Construction LtdISO 45001:2018SuspendedSingle Site
1243ReGen Waste (Holdings) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1244ReGen Waste (Holdings) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1245ReGen Waste (Holdings) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1246Carnanbane Building Contractors LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1247Carnanbane Building Contractors LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1248Carnanbane Building Contractors LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1249Beaufort Construction (S -in-A) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1250Beaufort Construction (S -in-A) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1251Beaufort Construction (S -in-A) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1252DMAC Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1253DMAC Engineering LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1254DMAC Engineering LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1255BlueMac (Manufacturing) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1256BlueMac (Manufacturing) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1257BlueMac (Manufacturing) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1258Qualitrol - Hathaway Instruments DivisionISO 14001:2015Active
1259 Qualitrol - Hathaway Instruments DivisionISO 45001:2018Active
1260SJC Hutchinson Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1261 SJC Hutchinson Engineering LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1262SJC Hutchinson Engineering LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1263Camlin GroupISO 9001:2015Active
1264Camlin GroupISO 14001:2015Active
1265Camlin GroupISO 45001:2018Active
1266Inverter Drive Systems LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1267Inverter Drive Systems LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1268Inverter Drive Systems LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1269ADI Treatments LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1270ADI Treatments LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1271ADI Treatments LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1272Storage N Stuff LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1274Pioneer FMEducleanISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1275Pioneer FMEducleanISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1276Pioneer FMEducleanISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1277Hexatronic UK LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1278Hexatronic UK LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1279Normet UK LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1280Normet UK LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1281DRS FM Services LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1282DRS FM Services LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1283DRS FM Services LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1284John Bean Technologies- MaderaISO 9001:2015Active
1285DesignPM (Int) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1286DesignPM (Int) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1287DesignPM (Int) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1288Cablevine Solutions LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1289McGeary Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1290McGeary Engineering LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1291McGeary Engineering LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1292Conlon Group LtdISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1293Conlon Group LtdISO 14001:2015Withdrawn
1294Conlon Group LtdISO 45001:2018Withdrawn
1295Central Birmingham Springs LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1296Amplis Construction LimitedISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1297Service and Calibration Solutions UK LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1298OES EngineeringISO 9001:2015Active
1299OES EngineeringISO 14001:2015Active
1300OES EngineeringISO 45001:2018Active
1301Mealey Group LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1302Hybrid Advanced ManufacturingISO 9001:2015Active
1303Eurofab Engineering Structures LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1304Eurofab Engineering Structures LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1305Eurofab Engineering Structures LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1306Feldman Fabrication Co LimitedISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1307ESL ElectricalISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1308ESL ElectricalISO 14001:2015Withdrawn
1309ESL ElectricalISO 45001:2018Withdrawn
1310Powergrade LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1311Core Tool TechnologiesISO 9001:2015Active
1312Gillett Morrissey LimitedISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1313Gillett Morrissey LimitedISO 14001:2015Withdrawn
1314Oakleaf Contracts Europe LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1315Oakleaf Contracts Europe LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1316Oakleaf Contracts Europe LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1317ChandlerKBSISO 9001:2015Active
1318ChandlerKBSISO 14001:2015Active
1319ChandlerKBSISO 45001:2018Active
1320B9 Food Recovery LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1321B9 Food Recovery LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1322Direct Lift Company Ltd (DLC Ltd)ISO 9001:2015Active
1323Direct Lift Company Ltd (DLC Ltd)ISO 14001:2015Active
1324Direct Lift Company Ltd (DLC Ltd)ISO 45001:2018Active
1325Arch Utility Services (SW) LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1326Arch Utility Services (SW) LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1327Arch Utility Services (SW) LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1328Taylor Technology Systems LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
1329Taylor Technology Systems LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle SiteEnvironmental Management Systems
1330Taylor Technology Systems LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1331T&S Environmental LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1332T&S Environmental LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1333Envirogreen Polymers LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1334Envirogreen Polymers LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1335Envirogreen Polymers LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1336Scanmetals (UK) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1337Scanmetals (UK) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1338Scanmetals (UK) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1339Design Tech Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1340Time Management Policy LimitedTempo PCEISO 9001:2015Active
1341Time Management Policy LimitedTempo PCEISO 14001:2015Active
1342Simply 4 Group LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1343Simply 4 Group LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1344Simply 4 Group LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1345Bryen & Langley Ltd & Bryen & Langley Construction LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1346Bryen & Langley Ltd & Bryen & Langley Construction LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1347Bryen & Langley Ltd & Bryen & Langley Construction LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1348G-Tech Coper ltdISO 9001:2015Suspended
1349Calztec Ltd & Calztec FM LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1350Recycling First LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1351Recycling First LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1352Euro Services Contracts LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1353Euro Services Contracts LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1354Euro Services Contracts LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1355RS Hydro LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1356RS Hydro LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1357Calztec Ltd & Calztec FM LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1358Normet UK LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1359Stockton Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1360GL Telecoms LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1361GL Telecoms LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1362GL Telecoms LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1363Mills Contracts LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1364Mills Contracts LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1365Mills Contracts LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1366Eintac LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1367SDG Construction Technology LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1368SDG Construction Technology LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1369SDG Construction Technology LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1370AM Electrical Services (NI) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1371AM Electrical Services (NI) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1372AM Electrical Services (NI) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1373Global Automation (NI) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1374Global Automation (NI) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1375Global Automation (NI) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1376A&B Process SystemsISO 9001:2015Active
1377Ordermetal T/A Chemi Black and PhosphateISO 9001:2015Active
1378O'Connell's Drywall Contractors LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1379O'Connell's Drywall Contractors LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1380Aspinall Verdi LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1381Scanmetals (UK) LtdEnd of WasteActive
1382AMG Contracts LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
1383ROL Testing LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1384ROL Testing LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1385ROL Testing LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1386Avondale Environmental Services LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1387Avondale Environmental Services LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1388Quinn Industrial Services LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1389Quinn Industrial Services LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1390Quinn Industrial Services LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1391WDR & RT Taggart LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1392WDR & RT Taggart LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1393WDR & RT Taggart LtdTaggartsISO 45001:2018 & SSIPActiveSingle SiteOccupational Health and Safety Management System scheme
1394WV Howe LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1395WV Howe LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1396Beardwell Construction LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1397Beardwell Construction LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1398Beardwell Construction LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1399SFM EngineeringISO 9001:2015Active
1400SFM EngineeringISO 45001:2018Active
1401CTPE LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1402LUMAXLED LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1403LUMAXLED LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1404LUMAXLED LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1405H.M. Electrics LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1406H.M. Electrics LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1407H.M. Electrics LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1408Thomas Gameson & Sons LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1409Bellamy Surveying and Consultancy Services LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1410Benchmark Grounds Maintenance LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1411Benchmark Grounds Maintenance LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1412Benchmark Grounds Maintenance LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1413IL Contracts LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1414IL Contracts LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1415SLS Precision Engineers LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1416Rawley Plant LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1417Rawley Plant LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1418Abbey Cross Trading LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1419Blade Wind Services LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1420Blade Wind Services LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1421Blade Wind Services LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1422Globe Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1423West Mercia Sections LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1424West Mercia Sections LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1425Libra Systems LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1426Libra Systems LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1427Heyn Handling SolutionsISO 45001:2018Active
1428AQ Construction Services LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1429Metsol Engineering CNCISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1430Swiftline Engineering LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1431Swiftline Engineering LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1432Swiftline Engineering LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1433RedM Professional Services (Pty) LtdISO 27001:2013Active
1434BJ McGrath Mechanical LtdB J McGrath Plumbing and HeatingISO 9001:2015Active
1435BJ McGrath Mechanical LtdB J McGrath Plumbing and HeatingISO 14001:2015Active
1436BJ McGrath Mechanical LtdB J McGrath Plumbing and HeatingISO 45001:2018Active
1437H&J Martin Construction LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1438H&J Martin Construction LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1439H&J Martin Construction LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1440Energy Consultancy LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1441Energy Consultancy LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1442Energy Consultancy LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1443Antrim Supplies LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1444Laserite LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1445Connex Offsite LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1446Connex Offsite LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1447Connex Offsite LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1448F Dixon Precision Grinding & Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1449Riverview Products (Pty) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1450Lynco Facades LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1451Lynco Facades LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1452Lynco Facades LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1453Compressed Air CentreISO 9001:2015Active
1454CBN Tooling LtdISO 9001:2015Withdrawn
1455RMS Cash Solutions LtdPivotalISO 9001:2015Active
1456RMS Cash Solutions LtdPivotalISO 14001:2015Active
1457RMS Cash Solutions LtdPivotalISO 45001:2018Active
1458Oceania Defence LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1459AMG Contracts LimitedISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle SiteEnvironmental Management Systems
1460AMG Contracts LimitedISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle SiteOccupational Health and Safety Management System scheme
1461Stanbridge LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1462David Anderson Plumbing & Heating Services LtdAnderson Mechanical ServicesISO 9001:2015Active
1463David Anderson Plumbing & Heating Services LtdAnderson Mechanical ServicesISO 14001:2015Active
1464David Anderson Plumbing & Heating Services LtdAnderson Mechanical ServicesISO 45001:2018Active
1465Defence Support (International) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1466Waukesha Magnetic BearingsISO 9001:2015Active
1467Waukesha Magnetic BearingsISO 14001:2015Active
1468Waukesha Magnetic BearingsISO 45001:2018Active
1469Diffusion Alloys (UK) LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1470Combined Facilities Management LtdCFMISO 9001:2015Active
1471Combined Facilities Management LtdCFMISO 14001:2015Active
1472Lagan Aviation & Infrastructure LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1473Lagan Aviation & Infrastructure LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1474Lagan Aviation & Infrastructure LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1475Lagan Airport Maintenance LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1476Lagan Airport Maintenance LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1477Lagan Airport Maintenance LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1478Lagan Meica LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1479Lagan Meica LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1480Lagan Meica LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1481R Cheke & CoISO 9001:2015Active
1482Rubber and Plastic Collection Services LtdISO 14001:2015Active
14831stinrail LtdISO 9001:2015Active
14841stinrail LtdISO 14001:2015Active
14851stinrail LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1486IPG Photonics (UK) LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1487ACS Civils LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1488ACS Civils LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1489ACS Civils LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1490Gillespie UK LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1491Gillespie UK LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1492Polar Technology Management Group LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1493Sterling ITI LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
1494Atlantic Pacific Global Logistics LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1495Atlantic Pacific Global Logistics LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1496Aurora Lighting UK ltdISO 9001:2015Active
1497Aurora Lighting UK ltdISO 14001:2015Active
1498Fidum Property Management LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1499Sentry Aerospares LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1500MMC-LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1501Ridgeway Plant Co. LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1502Ridgeway Plant Co. LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1503Ridgeway Plant Co. LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1504The Brookvale Manufacturing Co LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1505Tunnelcraft LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1506Tunnelcraft LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1507Globe Engineering LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1508Mac Zero Modular Buildings LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1509Mac Zero Modular Buildings LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1510Mac Zero Modular Buildings LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1511Jenkins Shipping Co LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1512Jenkins Shipping Co LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1513Jenkins Shipping Co LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1514Vortex Logistics (Pty) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1515Vortex Logistics (Pty) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1516Vortex Logistics (Pty) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1517IoT.nxt (Pty) LtdISO 27001:2013Active
1518CNC Tool & Die LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1519Hellenic Systems LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1520Igniters Combustion Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1521EVO Fluid Hydraulics LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1522Rescroft LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1523Springfort Precision Engineering LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1524Headlam Group PlcFlorco LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1525Headlam Group PlcFlorco LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1526McKee EngineeringISO 9001:2015Active
1527Automotive Precision Engineering LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1528BPC Interiors LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1529BPC Interiors LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1530BPC Interiors LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1531McGrath Engineering LtdEZYSTAK CONVEYORSISO 9001:2015Active
1532John Bean Technologies Corporation- RTC RiversideISO 9001:2015Active
1533Gagasi IT (Pty) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1534Gagasi IT (Pty) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1535Horizon Technologies Consultants LtdEN9100:2018 & ISO 9001:2015Active
1536Severn Valley SailplanesAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1537Hudson (Pty) LtdHudson CommoditiesISO 9001:2015Suspended
1538M Shuttlewood LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1539M Shuttlewood LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1540Belfast Ship StoresISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1541Peter Copsey Engineering LtdCopsey EngineeringISO 9001:2015Active
1542Welman Group LimitedAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1543Philip Liverton LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1544Carona ReuterISO 9001:2015Active
1545The Brookvale Manufacturing Co LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1546Gilbert Laurence Ltd Aerospace DivisionAS9120:B & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1547Transocean (NI) LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1548Crystal Clear Window Cleaning Specialists LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1549Crystal Clear Window Cleaning Specialists LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1550Crystal Clear Window Cleaning Specialists LtdISO 45001:2018 & SSIPActiveSingle Site
1551RD Castings LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
1552RD Castings LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle SiteEnvironmental Management Systems
1553RD Castings LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle SiteOccupational Health and Safety Management System scheme
1554Gagasi IT (Pty) LtdISO 27001:2013Active
1555Recyclus Group LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1556Recyclus Group LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1557Recyclus Group LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1558RedM Professional Services (Pty) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1559RedM Professional Services (Pty) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1560RedM Professional Services (Pty) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1561RedM Professional Services (Pty) LtdISO 20000-1: 2018Active
1562RedM Professional Services (Pty) LtdISO 22301:2019Active
1563MPI LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1564Shanick Engineering Co. LtdEN9100:2018 & ISO 9001:2015Active
1565Inline Engineering LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1566Thomas Gameson & Sons LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1567C.A. Hendley (Essex) LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1568Waverley Contract & Supply LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveMultisite
1569Waverley Contract & Supply LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveMultisite
1570Waverley Contract & Supply LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveMultisite
1571Britannia Full Solutions LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1572Lebronze Alloys UK LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1573T O’Connell Utilities LtdISO 26000:2010ActiveSingle Site
1574Oros Aerospace LimitedAS9120:B & ISO 9001:2015Active
1575Tarpey Ceramics LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1576Elitech UK LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1577T. A. Ronan LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1578T. A. Ronan LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1579MPI Limited24/7AS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1580Vigour LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1581Smiths Engineering Works (NI) LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1582Industrial Precision Components LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1583VALE (UK) LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1584Euro-City Group LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1585Euro-City Group LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1586Euro-City Group LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1587Fourmasters LimitedAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1588Ultra Cleaning Solutions NI LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
1589Ultra Cleaning Solutions NI LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle SiteEnvironmental Management Systems
1590Ultra Cleaning Solutions NI LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle SiteOccupational Health and Safety Management System scheme
1591Infinite Freight Solutions (Pty) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1592Infinite Freight Solutions (Pty) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1593Infinite Freight Solutions (Pty) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1594Infinite Freight Solutions (Pty) LtdHACCPActive
1595TWM Petroleum Services (Pty) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1596TWM Petroleum Services (Pty) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1597TWM Petroleum Services (Pty) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1598ECC Design and Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1599ECC Design and Engineering LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1600ECC Design and Engineering LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1601Tuffa (UK) LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1602Tuffa (UK) LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1603Auto’s Trucking (Pty) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1604Auto’s Trucking (Pty) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1605Auto’s Trucking (Pty) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1606Auto’s Trucking (Pty) LtdHACCPActive
1607NJR Tubular Solution LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1608Mealey Group LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1609National Infrastructure Consultancy (NIC) LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1610MSSI Group LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1611MSSI Group LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1612MSSI Group LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1613OCL FacadesISO 9001:2015Active
1614OCL FacadesISO 14001:2015Active
1615OCL FacadesISO 45001:2018Active
1616Total Crane Solutions LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1617Pronto Automation Systems LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1618Pronto Automation Systems LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1619Pronto Automation Systems LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1620Vaughtons LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1621Swiftclean UK LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1622Swiftclean UK LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1623Swiftclean UK LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1624Faircloth Construction ltdISO 45001:2018Active
1625Lomax Couplers LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1626O‘Neill GMBHISO 9001:2015Active
1627Tarpey Harris LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1628Tarpey Harris t/a Altaras InternationalAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1629Mammoet UK LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1630Mammoet UK LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1631Mammoet UK LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1632Siyadumisa Enterprises (Pty) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1633Siyadumisa Enterprises (Pty) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1634Siyadumisa Enterprises (Pty) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1635Platinum Expo LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1636Platinum Expo LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1637Platinum Expo LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1638Transec Electric LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1639Transec Electric LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1640Transec Electric LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1641Passenger Lift SolutionsISO 9001:2015Active
1642Pioneer Prototype Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1643Shrieve Products InternationalISO 9001:2015Active
1644Shrieve Products InternationalISO 14001:2015Active
1645Pat O'Donnell & CoISO 14001:2015Active
1646North South Retail LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1647RAAM Construction LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1648RAAM Construction LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1649William Smith & Son Ltd. Incorporating Argee Pointing ServicesISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
1650Nicholas Hare Architects LLPISO 9001:2015Active
1651Nicholas Hare Architects LLPISO 14001:2015Active
1652Nicholas Hare Architects LLPISO 45001:2018Active
1653Bie Magnum LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1654RevolveAir Systems- An MES CompanyMunicipal Emergency ServicesISO 9001:2015Active
1655Precision Industrial Services LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1656Precision Industrial Services LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1657Precision Industrial Services LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1658McGreevy Engineering LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1659MetalwebAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1660Valley Engineering NW LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1661Blacoh Fluid Control, IncISO 9001:2015Active
1662Ireland Spray Foam Insulation LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1663Ireland Spray Foam Insulation LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1664Ireland Spray Foam Insulation LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1665KFH Electrical Services LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1666KFH Electrical Services LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1667KFH Electrical Services LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1668Towerfield Plating LimitedAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1669General Engineering Treatments LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1670Super Drain LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1671Super Drain LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1672Super Drain LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1673Environmental Asbestos SolutionsISO 9001:2015Active
1674Environmental Asbestos SolutionsISO 14001:2015Active
1675Environmental Asbestos SolutionsISO 45001:2018Active
1676Anopol LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1677Anopol LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1678Moore MacDonald & Partners LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1679Moore MacDonald & Partners LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1680Moore MacDonald & Partners LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1681CLD Services LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1682CLD Services LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1683CLD Services LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1684R J Dance (Contractors) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1685R J Dance (Contractors) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1686R J Dance (Contractors) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1687Florida Aero PrecisionFAPAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveCampus
1688HT Brigham & Co LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1689STS Defence LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1690STS Defence LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1691Donite Plastics LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1692Maplebrooke LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1693Maplebrooke LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1694Maplebrooke LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1695Bury Developments LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1696Bury Developments LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1697Curtins Consulting LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveMultisite
1698Curtins Consulting LimitedISO 14001:2015ActiveMultisite
1699Curtins Consulting LimitedISO 45001:2018ActiveMultisite
1700KM Prototypes & Production LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1701Recoil Springs International LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1702Twickenham Plating Group LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
1703SIMMS Building & Civil Engineering LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
1704SIMMS Building & Civil Engineering LimitedISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle SiteEnvironmental Management Systems
1705SIMMS Building & Civil Engineering LimitedISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle SiteOccupational Health and Safety Management System scheme
1706BOXFAB LIMITEDISO 9001:2015Active
1707BOXFAB LIMITEDISO 14001:2015Active
1708BOXFAB LIMITEDISO 45001:2018Active
1709Western Group LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1710Western Group LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1711Western Group LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1712Autofour Precision Engineering LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1713Falco Construction LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1714Falco Construction LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1715Falco Construction LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1716GDM Investment Holdings Ltd Including The GDM Group Ltd, GDM Workplace Solutions Ltd and GDM Building Consultants LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1717GDM Investment Holdings Ltd Including The GDM Group Ltd, GDM Workplace Solutions Ltd and GDM Building Consultants LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1718GDM Investment Holdings Ltd Including The GDM Group Ltd, GDM Workplace Solutions Ltd and GDM Building Consultants LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1719Prestige Domestic Property MaintenanceISO 9001:2015Active
1720Prestige Domestic Property MaintenanceISO 45001:2018Active
1721Workplace Safety Solutions LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1722Workplace Safety Solutions LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1723Workplace Safety Solutions LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1724R W Freight Services LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1725Hardide Coatings LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1726Techni Grind (Preston) LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1727Anamore LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1728A Squared Machine & ToolAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1729Valley Engineering NW LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1730Belfast City Council - Waste ServicesISO 9001:2015Active
1731Belfast City Council - Waste ServicesISO 14001:2015Active
1732Belfast City Council - Waste ServicesISO 45001:2018Active
1733Irwin M&E LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1734Irwin M&E LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1735Irwin M&E LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1736Ash Construction Group LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1737Ash Construction Group LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1738Ash Construction Group LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1739Anstee Indication Systems LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1740Compliance + LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1741Strimech Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1742BPP Construction Consultants LLPISO 9001:2015Active
1743BPP Construction Consultants LLPISO 14001:2015Active
1744Lura Constructions LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1745EVO Supplies LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1746Vision Profiles LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1747Brennan LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1748Brennan LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1749Brennan LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1750Gipping Construction LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1751Gipping Construction LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1752Ahearne Fire Engineering LtdAFEC InternationalISO 9001:2015Active
1753Ahearne Fire Engineering LtdAFEC InternationalISO 14001:2015Active
1754Ahearne Fire Engineering LtdAFEC InternationalISO 45001:2018Active
1755Ingenuity Consulting (Pty) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1756Specialist Coatings & Inspection LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1757Specialist Coatings & Inspection LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1758Specialist Coatings & Inspection LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1759Roadmaster Caravans LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1760Roadmaster Caravans LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1761Ring Sights Defence Group Ltd & Kingsview Optical LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1762Hardide Coatings LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1763Lebronze Alloys UK LtdAS9120:B & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1764Alliance Disposables LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle SiteEnvironmental Management Systems
1765McAuley Safety ManagementISO 9001:2015Active
1766McAuley Safety ManagementISO 45001:2018Active
1767Gravitas (International) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1768Gravitas (International) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1769Gravitas (International) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1770Power Adhesives LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1771Power Adhesives LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1772Power Adhesives LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1773Adder Technology LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1774Airguard Envirocare LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1775Evolito Battery Systems LtdElectroflightISO 14001:2015Active
1776Evolito Battery Systems LtdElectroflightISO 45001:2018Active
1777Precision Aluminium Casting and Engineering LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1778KR Group (Scotland) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1779KR Group (Scotland) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1780KR Group (Scotland) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1781Cottier Contracting LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1782RefugeISO 9001:2015Active
1783JLM Composites LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1784Mellett ElectricalISO 9001:2015Active
1785Mellett ElectricalISO 14001:2015Active
1786Mellett ElectricalISO 45001:2018Active
1787AC Precision Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1788Scott Electrokrafts, Inc.AS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1789Portafix LtdAS9120:B & ISO 9001:2015Active
1790Rosler UK LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1791TJ Manufacturing Solutions LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1792Stanbridge LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1793BH Glazing LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1794BIL Group LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1795BIL Group LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1796A & J ARB Access LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1797PACER USA LLCAS9120:B & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1798Roadmaster Caravans LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1799A&G Precision & Sons LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1800De-Tect Unit Inspection Europe LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1801Garden Escapes (Ireland) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1802Garden Escapes (Ireland) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1803Garden Escapes (Ireland) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1804VEM Services LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1805VEM Services LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1806PorthouseDean LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1807GFM Clear Communications LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1808Blueflame Profiles LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1809Peter Copsey Engineering LtdCopsey EngineeringAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1810Faircloth Construction ltdISO 14001:2015Active
1811McGregor Boyall Associates LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1812JGS Fire Safety LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1813Curve Training and Consultancy LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1814Curve Training and Consultancy LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1815Curve Training and Consultancy LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1816RiserTeq LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1818MetalwebAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveMultisite
1819MetalwebAS9120:B & ISO 9001:2015ActiveMultisite
1817DP Seals LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveCampus
1820A Lamb Associates LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1821A Lamb Associates LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1822A Lamb Associates LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1823Realtime Technologies LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1824Ark Signalling Consultancy LimitedASCISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
1825Ark Signalling Consultancy LimitedASCISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle SiteEnvironmental Management Systems
1826Ark Signalling Consultancy LimitedASCISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle SiteOccupational Health and Safety Management System scheme
1827Deddington Liquid WasteISO 9001:2015Active
1828Munters Corp Ireland LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1829Yorkshire Building Services LtdYBS LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1830Yorkshire Building Services LtdYBS LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1831Yorkshire Building Services LtdYBS LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1832Denner Kelford Grinding LtdDK GrindingAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1833Kestrel Hydraulics LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1834UK Engineering Recruitment LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1835Direct Waste Management LTDISO 9001:2015Active
1836Direct Waste Management LTDISO 14001:2015Active
1837Direct Waste Management LTDISO 45001:2018Active
1838Openwood Maintenance LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1839Openwood Maintenance LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1840Openwood Maintenance LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1841W.H.Rooke & Co. (Redditch) LtdEN9100:2018 & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1842Twickenham Plating Group LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1843Mango Direct Marketing LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1844Mango Direct Marketing LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1845WRR-UK LtdAdvantage EngineeringISO 9001:2015Active
1846WRR-UK LtdAdvantage EngineeringISO 14001:2015Active
1847WRR-UK LtdAdvantage EngineeringISO 45001:2018Active
1848Transglobal Cargo (Pty) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1849Transglobal Cargo (Pty) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1850Transglobal Cargo (Pty) LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1851C&H Fire Protection LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1852Power CSL Cable Services LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1853Fish Producers Offshore Services (NI) LtdFP OffshoreISO 9001:2015Active
1854Fish Producers Offshore Services (NI) LtdFP OffshoreISO 14001:2015Active
1855Fish Producers Offshore Services (NI) LtdFP OffshoreISO 45001:2018Active
1856Glenn Drums Recycling LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1857ETS Cable Components (Ireland) LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1858ETS Cable Components (Ireland) LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1859MTI Welding Technologies LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1860MTI Welding Technologies LtdEN9100:2018 & ISO 9001:2015Active
1861Easton Sheet Metal LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015Active
1862Rudd Macnamara LimitedAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1863ETS Portsmouth LimitedETS Cable ComISO 9001:2015Active
1864ETS Portsmouth LimitedETS Cable ComISO 14001:2015Active
1865Barrack Hill Quarries Ltd.ISO 9001:2015Active
1866Lankelma LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1867Lankelma LimitedISO 14001:2015Active
1868Lankelma LimitedISO 45001:2018Active
1869Quoile Services LimitedISO 9001:2015Active
1870Munters Corp Ireland LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveMultisite
1871Gilmore Services LtdJust TankersISO 9001:2015Active
1872ActionZero LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1873Alliance Disposables LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1874Hilomast, LLCISO 9001:2015Active
1875EMI Seals & Gaskets LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1876EMI Seals & Gaskets LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1877EMI Seals & Gaskets LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1878Database for Business LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1879Database for Business LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1880Rivet Holdings LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1881Rivet Holdings LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1882OFP Timber Frame LtdISO 9001:2015Active
1883OFP Timber Frame LtdISO 14001:2015Active
1884OFP Timber Frame LtdISO 45001:2018Active
1885H&H Engineering (Blaenavon) LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1886Donite Plastics LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1887John McLoughlin & Son (Shipping) LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1888John McLoughlin & Son (Shipping) LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1889RT Boyd LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1890RT Boyd LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1891Moore Environmental LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1892Moore Environmental LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1893Moore Environmental LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1894Intergas Heating LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1895Intergas Heating LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1896GBMF Engineering LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1897Froelicher Machine, IncAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1898Agilis GroupAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveCampus
1899Lura Constructions LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1900ClairairISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1901Speedflex Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1902Vierlight LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1903Electrical Mechanical Services (UK) LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1904Electrical Mechanical Services (UK) LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1905ATS Gas Services LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1906ATS Gas Services LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1907ATS Gas Services LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1908O’Kane Plumbing and Electrics LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1909O’Kane Plumbing and Electrics LimitedISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1910O’Kane Plumbing and Electrics LimitedISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1911A&G Metal Treatments LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1912Dewey Solutions LimitedDewey GroupISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1913Pro-Mil Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1914Pro-Mil Engineering LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1915Forth Engineering LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1916Botanica International LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1917Nicholas Hare Architects LLPISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1918Nicholas Hare Architects LLPISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1919Nicholas Hare Architects LLPISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1920Euromould LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1921Treatment 4 Water LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1922Taylor & Boyd LLPISO 9001:2015ActiveMultisite
1923Taylor & Boyd LLPISO 14001:2015ActiveMultisite
1924Taylor & Boyd LLPISO 45001:2018ActiveMultisite
1925Daly O’Neill ArchitectsISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1926William Rogers ConstructionISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1927William Rogers ConstructionISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1928William Rogers ConstructionISO 45001:2018 & SSIPActiveSingle Site
1929R H Partnership Architects LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveMultisite
1930R H Partnership Architects LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveMultisite
1931Axminster (Contracts) LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1932Ravenscourt Engineering LimitedAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1933Blackmores (UK) LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1934BIL Group LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1935EMI Seals & Gaskets LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1936Rapid Personnel LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1937Necas A/SAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1938Bakers of DanburyISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1939Vision Profiles LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1940Vision Profiles LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1941P & K McKaigue LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1942Arnold Wragg LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1943Alloy Wire International LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1944Aluminium Special Products LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1945Fire Doors Complete LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1946Archer Offshore LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1947Archer Offshore LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1948Eurotech Powder Coaters LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1949Hurst Transport Services LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1950Express Utilities LimitedISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1951Valtorx LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1952Granada Cranes LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1953Granada Cranes LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1954E.Quinn Civils LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1955E.Quinn Civils LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1956E.Quinn Civils LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1957Downwell Enabling LimitedISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1958Granite Computer Solutions LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1959P&S PERSONNEL SERVICES LIMITEDISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1960John J Doyle LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1961John J Doyle LimitedISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1962John J Doyle LimitedISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1963Hunter Savage LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1964Donite Plastics LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1965Envirocall LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1966Envirocall LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1967Envirocall LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1968Serbus LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1969168 Security LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1970168 Security LimitedISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1971168 Security LimitedISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1972Techni3 LtdAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1973Blade Skysafe ltdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1974Blade Skysafe ltdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1975Blade Skysafe ltdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1976GABE Ireland LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1977GABE Ireland LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1978GABE Ireland LtdISO 45001:2018 & SSIPActiveSingle Site
1979CSignum LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1980CSignum LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1981CSignum LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1982R H Partnership Architects LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveMultisite
1983Techni3 LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1984Anelec Electrical ContractorsISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1985Anelec Electrical ContractorsISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1986Anelec Electrical ContractorsISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1987Nakoba Services (Pty) LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1988Nakoba Services (Pty) LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1989Nakoba Services (Pty) LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
1990Nakoba Services (Pty) LtdHACCPActiveSingle Site
1991Feinics Project ManagementISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1992Marine Safety Centre LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1994Maritech Machine IncAS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1995CR Steel LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1996DMC walling ltdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1997Somerville Fit Out LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1998Somerville Fit Out LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
1999Somerville Fit Out LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
2000MCBS ElectricalISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2001MCBS ElectricalISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2002MCBS ElectricalISO 45001:2018 & SSIPActiveSingle Site
2003Global EMC LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2004Duncan Cameron & Hutchinson LtdDCH ConstructionISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2005Duncan Cameron & Hutchinson LtdDCH ConstructionISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2006Duncan Cameron & Hutchinson LtdDCH ConstructionISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
2007PS Partnerships & Consultancy LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2008Phoenix AnodisingISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2009Associate EnterprisesAssentISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2010Associate EnterprisesAssentISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2011Solmatix LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2012Solmatix LimitedISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2013Solmatix LimitedISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
2014GJ Maintenance LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2015Diamond Facilities Support LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2016Diamond Facilities Support LimitedISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2017Diamond Facilities Support LimitedISO 45001:2018 & SSIPActiveSingle Site
2018Headlam Group PlcISO 14001:2015ActiveMultisite
2019NRG PanelISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2020NRG PanelISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2021NRG PanelISO 45001:2018 & SSIPActiveSingle Site
2022Ellison Construction LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2023Ellison Construction LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2024McAuley Tree surgeryISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2025McAuley Tree surgeryISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2026McAuley Tree surgeryISO 45001:2018 & SSIPActiveSingle Site
2027DBM (Coventry) LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2028Bathex LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2029London Bronze LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2030Image Technique LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2031Image Technique LimitedISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2032X Spark ccX Spark ATXISO 27001:2022ActiveSingle SiteOther
2033Roca Metals UKISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2034ParkerSteel - CanterburyParkerSteel / BriskoISO 9001:2015ActiveMultisite
2035ParkerSteel - CanterburyParkerSteel / BriskoISO 45001:2018ActiveMultisite
2036Antrim Supplies LimitedWorkwear MalluskISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2037Brownell LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2038RT Boyd LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle Site
2039Roscomac ltdEN9100:2018 & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle Site
2040Dimension Engineering GroupIncorporating Dimension Engineering Ltd, Dimension Green Energy Ltd, Dimension Supported Buildings LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
2041Dimension Engineering GroupIncorporating Dimension Engineering Ltd, Dimension Green Energy Ltd, Dimension Supported Buildings LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle SiteEnvironmental Management Systems
2042Dimension Engineering GroupIncorporating Dimension Engineering Ltd, Dimension Green Energy Ltd, Dimension Supported Buildings LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle SiteOccupational Health and Safety Management System scheme
2043MGI Engineering LtdEN9100:2018 & ISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
2044The Water Services Group LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
2045ParkerSteel - DudleyISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
2046Brisko Scaffolding LimitedBrisko Metal ResourcesISO 9001:2015ActiveMultisiteQuality Management Systems
2047Ductbusters LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
2048Ductbusters LimitedISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle SiteEnvironmental Management Systems
2049Ductbusters LimitedISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle SiteOccupational Health and Safety Management System scheme
2050Midlands Reclamation and Waste LimitedMRW Skip HireISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
2051Midlands Reclamation and Waste LimitedMRW Skip HireISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle SiteEnvironmental Management Systems
2052MPI LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveMultisiteQuality Management Systems
2053TR Trading Enterprises LtdTR Logistics GroupISO 9001:2015ActiveMultisiteQuality Management Systems
2054Lancer ScottISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
2055Lancer ScottISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle SiteEnvironmental Management Systems
2056Lancer ScottISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle SiteOccupational Health and Safety Management System scheme
2057Struktura Engineering Services LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
2058Struktura Engineering Services LimitedISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle SiteEnvironmental Management Systems
2059Struktura Engineering Services LimitedISO 45001:2018 & SSIPActiveSingle SiteOccupational Health and Safety Management System scheme
2060Vextrix Management LimitedISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
2061Vextrix Management LimitedISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle SiteEnvironmental Management Systems
2062Vextrix Management LimitedISO 45001:2018 & SSIPActiveSingle SiteOccupational Health and Safety Management System scheme
2063Summit Chairs LimitedSummit 1977 LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
2064Summit Chairs LimitedSummit 1977 LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle SiteEnvironmental Management Systems
2065Summit Chairs LimitedSummit 1977 LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle SiteOccupational Health and Safety Management System scheme
2066Peppard Investments LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveSingle SiteQuality Management Systems
2067Peppard Investments LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveSingle SiteEnvironmental Management Systems
2068Peppard Investments LtdISO 45001:2018ActiveSingle SiteOccupational Health and Safety Management System scheme
2069Archer Resourcing LtdISO 9001:2015ActiveMultisiteQuality Management Systems
2070Archer Resourcing LtdISO 14001:2015ActiveMultisiteEnvironmental Management Systems

International Accreditation Forum

Accreditation is the independent evaluation of conformity assessment bodies against recognised standards to ensure their impartiality and competence. Through the application of national and international standards, government, procurers and consumers can have confidence in the calibration and test results, inspection reports and certifications provided.

Accreditation bodies are established in many countries with the primary purpose of ensuring that conformity assessment bodies are subject to oversight by an authoritative body.

Accreditation bodies, which have been evaluated by peers as competent, sign arrangements that enhance the acceptance of products and services across national borders, thereby creating a framework to support international trade through the removal of technical barriers.

These arrangements are managed by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), in the fields of management systems, products, services, personnel and other similar programmes of conformity assessment, and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), in the field of laboratory and inspection accreditation.

IAF Cert Search

The IAF, in their endeavour to stamp out fraudulent ISO certificates have created an online database for all Accredited Certificates.  Not all Certification Bodies approve of this approach but Auva Certification welcome the development as it creates an open and transparent certification process.

The IAFCertSearch database is an exclusive global database for accredited management system certifications.

Anyone can view the status of ISO Accredited certificates and you can create a watchlist of those common suppliers and monitor the status of their approval.

As well as uploading the status of our certificates on our website, we also upload them to the IAF Cert Search database.

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