Verify and Validate Auva Certificates

Did you know that there are many ISO certificates out there which are no longer valid?  When you look at a certificate and it is displaying a valid date it does not mean that they are valid, the Certification Body may suspend or withdraw the certificate but the hard copy still exists.  The only way to truly know if an ISO Certificate is valid is to contact the Certification Body and ask them to verify its existence,  it is a mandatory requirement for them to do this as under their accreditation.

Many Certification Bodies make this a difficult task and can often take days to respond to any requests, Auva buck the trend and make it really quick and simple for any organisation to verify any certificate directly on our website.  You do not need to send emails or pick up the phone, our website generates instant results.

If you would like to verify the status of any Auva Certificate please use the search function below.  The table gives a simple status against the certificate number as certified, suspended or withdrawn.  If you would like any further information on any of the certificates please contact Auva or complete the contact form detailing the information required and the certificate number in question.

Simply enter the company name or a certificate number as displayed on the ISO Certificate to get instant results.

Certificate NumberClient NameStatusStandard
1001Pinnacle Enviroserve LtdWithdrawnISO 9001:2015
1002Pinnacle Enviroserve LtdWithdrawnISO 14001:2015
1003Pinnacle Enviroserve LtdWithdrawnISO 45001:2018
1004Diehl & Lee FarmsCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1005Frank Diehl FarmsCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1006Tomatoes of RuskinCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1007TOR FarmsCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1008Johnson Harvesting IncCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1009Treeair Cattle CompanyCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1010Gary James PartnersCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1011Gary James PartnersCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1012Gary James PartnersCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1013CeetechCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1014Alpine ToolsCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1015Capital Property Maintenance LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1016Capital Property Maintenance LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1017Capital Property Maintenance LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1018JBA ManagementCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1019JBA ManagementCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1020The Window CompanyCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1021The Window CompanyCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1022Gemcor AutomationCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1023R&J MetalsCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1024KarobCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1025Halsall ElectricalCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1026Halsall MechanicalCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1027Consolidated InsulationCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1028Consolidated InsulationCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1029Consolidated InsulationCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1030AQ ConstructionCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1031Brownell LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1032ATS InteriorsWithdrawnISO 9001:2015
1033ATS InteriorsWithdrawnISO 14001:2015
1034ATS InteriorsWithdrawnISO 45001:2018
1035Ceetech LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1036Ceetech LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1037Fleetwood Tool & GageCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1038Galvotech InternationalCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1039Metal ColoursCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1040Waterford PlatingCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1041Plunkett AssociatesCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1042Colt Construction LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1043Colt Construction LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1044Colt Construction LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1045The Window CompanyCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1046Almic Engineering Co LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1047Life RacingCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1048Howells Patent Glazing LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1049Inline Engineering LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1050Cobra Traffic Management LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1051Cobra Traffic Management LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1052AG InstrumentsCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1053Thermal Sensors LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1054A&J ARB Access LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1055A&J ARB Access LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1056John Bean Technologies CorporationCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1057Clairair LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1058Autonnic Research LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1059Nixon Industrial Diamonds LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1060Star Precision Tooling LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
10613D Scantech LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1062Cintel Structural Consultants LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1063Cintel Structural Consultants LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1064Power Services LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1065Power Services LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1066Rathborne & Roche LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1067Spindle Services LtdSuspendedISO 9001:2015
1068Trailer Engineering LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1069GPD Welding Developments Ltd.CertifiedISO 9001:2015
1070Mealey Group LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1071Croft Maclaine LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1072Croft Maclaine LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1073Croft Maclaine LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1074BSF Solid Surfaces LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1075Red 100 LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1076JN Piling LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1077JN Piling LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1081Watson Engineering (BHAM) LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1082Hulbert ImagingCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1083Dorwingear LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1084Saras Process LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1085WithdrawnWithdrawnISO 9001:2015
1086Midland Commercial and Environmental Services LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1087PF Ahern (London) LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1088PF Ahern (London) LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1089PF Ahern (London) LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1090P & K McKaigue LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1091P & K McKaigue LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1092McAllister Bros. Ltd.CertifiedISO 9001:2015
1093McAllister Bros. Ltd.CertifiedISO 14001:2015
1094McAllister Bros. Ltd.CertifiedISO 45001:2018
1095EE Management LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1096EE Management LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1097EE Management LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1098Grove Construction (London) Ltd.

CertifiedISO 9001:2015
1099Poynton Valves LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1100KWI Grinding LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1101The London Pressed Hinge Co LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1102Mayglothling Waste LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1103Mayglothling Waste LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1104Mayglothling Waste LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1105CR Reynolds LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1106CR Reynolds LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1107CR Reynolds LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1108Inner City EnvironmentalCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1109Inner City EnvironmentalCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1110Inner City EnvironmentalCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1111Midland Commercial and Environmental Services LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1112Solutionist Consultancy LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1113Kind & Company (Builders) LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1114Power Services LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1115AJ Springs & PressingsCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1116EVA Metals LtdWithdrawnISO 9001:2015
1117Flow Components and Industrial SupplyCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1118Kiverco LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1119O'Neill of Clonoe LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1120O'Neill of Clonoe LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1121O'Neill of Clonoe LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1122CCNI Ltd t/a Campbell CivilsCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1123CCNI Ltd t/a Campbell CivilsCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1124CCNI Ltd t/a Campbell CivilsCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1137Midlands Components Ltd incorporating Midlands Special Fasteners LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1138JN Piling LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1139Blade Roofing LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1140Blade Roofing LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1141Blade Roofing LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1142Bann LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1143Bann LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1144Bann LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1145PF Lynch Environmental Services LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1146McGurran Civils LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1147McGurran Civils LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1148McGurran Civils LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1149Derryleckagh Contracts LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1150Derryleckagh Contracts LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1151Derryleckagh Contracts LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1152M.J. McBride Construction LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1153M.J. McBride Construction LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1154M.J. McBride Construction LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1155Instruments To Industry LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1156FlowFix LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1157Canavan Joinery Services Canavan Joinery ServicesLimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1158Canavan Joinery Services Canavan Joinery ServicesLimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1159Goodband Polishing LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1160Downwell Demolition LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1161Downwell Demolition LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1162Metloc Systems LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1163Kind & Co. (Builders) LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1164Kind & Co. (Builders) LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1165Go Communications Systems LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1166Go Communications Systems LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1167Go Communications Systems LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1168CVC Components LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1169FEL Avionics LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1170BSL Express Spares Company Ltd.CertifiedISO 9001:2015
1171Premier Print & Promotions LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1172Premier Print & Promotions LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1173Paul Anton LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1174Paul Anton LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1175Paul Anton LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1176Conrad Energy LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1177Conrad Energy LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1178Conrad Energy LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1179Ambar Systems LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1180Fastener Connections LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1181Mechan LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1182Mechan LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1183Mechan LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1184Lough Shore Plumbing and Electrical LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1185Lough Shore Plumbing and Electrical LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1186Lough Shore Plumbing and Electrical LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1187BPJ Fitout LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1188BPJ Fitout LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1189BPJ Fitout LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1190Amble Electrical Distributors LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1191Belfast City Council
Fleet Management Unit
CertifiedISO 9001:2015
1192Belfast City Council
Fleet Management Unit
CertifiedISO 14001:2015
1193Belfast City Council
Fleet Management Unit
CertifiedISO 45001:2018
1194Meridian Utilities LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1195Meridian Utilities LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1196Meridian Utilities LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1197Industrial Maintenance Engineers (IME Contracts) LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1198Industrial Maintenance Engineers (IME Contracts) LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1199Industrial Maintenance Engineers (IME Contracts) LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1200On Track Technicians LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1201On Track Technicians LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1202On Track Technicians LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1203Trinity Cables International LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1204IN2 Engineering Design PartnershipCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1205IN2 Engineering Design PartnershipCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1206IN2 Engineering Design PartnershipCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1207Oakleaf Forestry LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1208Oakleaf Forestry LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1209Oakleaf Forestry LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1210GRC LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1211Xcalibre EquipmentCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1213Thanos Medical LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1214Thurrock Engineering Supplies LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1215IPR Environmental LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1216IPR Environmental LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1217IPR Environmental LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1218Screenspares Direct LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1219Screenspares Direct LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1220A Squared Machine and ToolCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1221FlowFix Ltd.CertifiedISO 45001:2018
1222David Stagg and Associates Ltd. t/a DSA ElectricalCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1223David Stagg and Associates Ltd. t/a DSA ElectricalCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1224M & M Steel Fabrications LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1225M & M Steel Fabrications LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1226M & M Steel Fabrications LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1227FM Environmental LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1228FM Environmental LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1229FM Environmental LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1230Road Tanker Spares International LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1231160B Consulting LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1232B-Safe Health & Safety Services LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1233Direct Construction & Tunnelling Supplies Limited Incorporating Direct Welding and Site SuppliesCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1234Direct Construction & Tunnelling Supplies Limited Incorporating Direct Welding and Site SuppliesCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1235Direct Construction & Tunnelling Supplies Limited Incorporating Direct Welding and Site SuppliesCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1236Salt and Sadler LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1237Maurice Flynn & Sons LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1238Maurice Flynn & Sons LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1239Maurice Flynn & Sons LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1240Eugene Duffy Construction LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1241Eugene Duffy Construction LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1242Eugene Duffy Construction LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1243ReGen Waste (Holdings) LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1244ReGen Waste (Holdings) LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1245ReGen Waste (Holdings) LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1246Carnanbane Building Contractors LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1247Carnanbane Building Contractors LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1248Carnanbane Building Contractors LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1249Beaufort Construction (S in A) LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1250Beaufort Construction (S in A) LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1251Beaufort Construction (S in A) LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1252DMAC Engineering LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1253DMAC Engineering LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1254DMAC Engineering LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1255BlueMac (Manufacturing) LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1256BlueMac (Manufacturing) LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1257BlueMac (Manufacturing) LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1258Qualitrol - Hathaway Instruments DivisionCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1259Qualitrol - Hathaway Instruments DivisionCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1260SJC Hutchinson Engineering Ltd.CertifiedISO 9001:2015
1261SJC Hutchinson Engineering Ltd.CertifiedISO 14001:2015
1262SJC Hutchinson Engineering Ltd.CertifiedISO 45001:2018
1263Camlin GroupCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1264Camlin GroupCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1265Camlin GroupCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1266Inverter Drive Systems Ltd.CertifiedISO 9001:2015
1267Inverter Drive Systems Ltd.CertifiedISO 14001:2015
1268Inverter Drive Systems Ltd.CertifiedISO 45001:2018
1269ADI Treatments Ltd.CertifiedISO 9001:2015
1270ADI Treatments Ltd.CertifiedISO 14001:2015
1271ADI Treatments Ltd.CertifiedISO 45001:2018
1272Storage N Stuff Ltd.CertifiedISO 9001:2015
1273Carbern LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1274Pioneer FM LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1275Pioneer FM LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1276Pioneer FM LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1277Hexatronic (UK) LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1278Hexatronic (UK) LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1279Normet UK LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1280Normet UK LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1281DRS FM Services Ltd.CertifiedISO 9001:2015
1282DRS FM Services Ltd.CertifiedISO 14001:2015
1283DRS FM Services Ltd.CertifiedISO 45001:2018
1284John Bean TechnologiesCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1285DesignPM (Int) LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1286DesignPM (Int) LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1287DesignPM (Int) LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1288Cablevine Solutions LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1289McGeary Engineering LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1290McGeary Engineering LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1291McGeary Engineering LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1292Conlon Group Ltd Trading as Conlon ConstructionCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1293Conlon Group Ltd Trading as Conlon ConstructionCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1294Conlon Group Ltd Trading as Conlon ConstructionCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1295Central Birmingham Springs LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1296Amplis Construction LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1297Service and Calibration Solutions UK Ltd.CertifiedISO 9001:2015
1298Oddball Engineering Solutions Ltd.CertifiedISO 9001:2015
1299Oddball Engineering Solutions Ltd.CertifiedISO 14001:2015
1300Oddball Engineering Solutions Ltd.CertifiedISO 45001:2018
1301Mealey Group LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1302Hybrid Advanced ManufacturingCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1303Eurofab Engineering Structures LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1304Eurofab Engineering Structures LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1305Eurofab Engineering Structures LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1306Feldman Fabrications Co.LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1307E.S.L ElectricalCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1308E.S.L ElectricalCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1309E.S.L ElectricalCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1310Powergrade LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1311Core Tool TechnologiesCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1312Gillett Morrissey LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1313Gillett Morrissey LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1314Oakleaf Contracts (Europe) LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1315Oakleaf Contracts (Europe) LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1316Oakleaf Contracts (Europe) LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1317Chandler KBSCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1318Chandler KBSCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1319Chandler KBSCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1320B9 Food Recovery LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1321B9 Food Recovery LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1322Direct Lift Company Limited (DLC Ltd)CertifiedISO 9001:2015
1323Direct Lift Company Limited (DLC Ltd)CertifiedISO 14001:2015
1324Direct Lift Company Limited (DLC Ltd)CertifiedISO 45001:2018
1325Arch Utilities Services (SW) LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1326Arch Utilities Services (SW) LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1327Arch Utilities Services (SW) LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1328Taylor Technology Systems Ltd.CertifiedISO 9001:2015
1329Taylor Technology Systems Ltd.CertifiedISO 14001:2015
1330Taylor Technology Systems Ltd.CertifiedISO 45001:2018
1331T & S Environmental LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1332T & S Environmental LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1333Envirogreen Polymers LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1334Envirogreen Polymers LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1335Envirogreen Polymers LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1336Scanmetals (UK) LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1337Scanmetals (UK) LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1338Scanmetals (UK) LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1339Design Tech Engineering LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1340Tempo PCE LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1341Tempo PCE LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1342Simply 4 Group LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1343Simply 4 Group LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1344Simply 4 Group LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1345Bryen & Langley Ltd.CertifiedISO 9001:2015
1346Bryen & Langley Ltd.CertifiedISO 14001:2015
1347Bryen & Langley Ltd.CertifiedISO 45001:2018
1348G-Tech Copers LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1349Calztec LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1350Recycling First LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1351Recycling First LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1352Euro Services Contracts LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1353Euro Services Contracts LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1354Euro Services Contracts LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1355RS Hydro LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1356RS Hydro LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1357Calztec LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1358Normet UK LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1359Stockton Engineering LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1360GL Telecoms LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1361GL Telecoms LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1362GL Telecoms LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1363Mills Contracts LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1364Mills Contracts LimitedCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1365Mills Contracts LimitedCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1366Eintac LimitedCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1367SDG Construction TechnologiesCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1368SDG Construction TechnologiesCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1369SDG Construction TechnologiesCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1370AM Electrical Servies (NI) LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1371AM Electrical Servies (NI) LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1372AM Electrical Servies (NI) LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018
1373Global Automation (NI) LtdCertifiedISO 9001:2015
1374Global Automation (NI) LtdCertifiedISO 14001:2015
1375Global Automation (NI) LtdCertifiedISO 45001:2018

International Accreditation Forum

Accreditation is the independent evaluation of conformity assessment bodies against recognised standards to ensure their impartiality and competence. Through the application of national and international standards, government, procurers and consumers can have confidence in the calibration and test results, inspection reports and certifications provided.

Accreditation bodies are established in many countries with the primary purpose of ensuring that conformity assessment bodies are subject to oversight by an authoritative body.

Accreditation bodies, which have been evaluated by peers as competent, sign arrangements that enhance the acceptance of products and services across national borders, thereby creating a framework to support international trade through the removal of technical barriers.

These arrangements are managed by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), in the fields of management systems, products, services, personnel and other similar programmes of conformity assessment, and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), in the field of laboratory and inspection accreditation.

IAF Cert Search

The IAF, in their endeavour to stamp out fraudulent ISO certificates have created an online database for all Accredited Certificates.  Not all Certification Bodies approve of this approach but Auva Certification welcome the development as it creates an open and transparent certification process.

The IAFCertSearch database is an exclusive global database for accredited management system certifications.

Anyone can view the status of ISO Accredited certificates and you can create a watchlist of those common suppliers and monitor the status of their approval.

As well as uploading the status of our certificates on our website, we also upload them to the IAF Cert Search database.

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