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Did you know that there are many ISO certificates out there which are no longer valid, just because they are still in date does not mean that they are valid as the Certification Body may suspend or withdraw the certificate.  The only way to truly know if an ISO Certificate is valid is to contact the Certification Body and ask them to verify, they must do this for you as part of their accreditation requirements.

Many Certification Bodies make this a difficult task and often take days to respond to any requests, Auva buck the trend and make it really quick and simple for any organisation to verify any certificate directly on our website without needing to send emails or pick up the phone.  It generates instant results.

If you would like to verify the status of any Auva Certificate please use the search function below. The table gives a simple status of the certificate numbers as certified, suspended or withdrawn. If you would like any further information on any of the certificates please contact Auva or complete the contact form detailing the information required and the certificate number in question.


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