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Auva do not provide any consultancy services.  We can not recommend any specific consultant to use, you may select any as you wish from the list below.  Use of these consultants or any other ISO consultant will not guarantee successful certification or no findings being raised.

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Become an Auva Registered Consultant

We have created a ‘free’ network for ISO consultants to connect with organisations that are looking for support in developing, implementing or maintaining a management system for international standards.

It is important to note that Auva Certification do not provide any consultancy services and will not recommend consultants.  However, our clients often require external resources to help maintain management systems, so need the skills  and expertise of an independent consultant to help guide them through the process.

We will register consultants whose systems we have successfully audited onto our consultant locator (above).  We will also register consultants where our auditors have knowledge of the consultant from working with other certification bodies.

Auva can provide organisations with the ARC network of contacts, in full confidence that each consultant is skilled  in the relevant international standards, so the client can choose who they would like to work with.  Organisations are made aware that the use of a registered consultant does not guarantee successful certification or no findings being raised.

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